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Gaston KHX.png

Katakana ガストン Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Gasuton
Homeworld Beast's Castle
Origin Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Gaston is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts χ. He originally appeared in the animated film Beauty and the Beast.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

After learning of Belle's love for the Beast, Gaston, wreathed in darkness due to the jealousy he harbors between the "monster" and Belle, sets out to Beast's Castle to eliminate him. He approaches the castle with a huge swarm of Heartless after Chirithy tells the player that "someone" with a immense darkness in the heart was getting close to the castle. While his army attacks the castle and Player and the enchanted furniture repel the attacks, Gaston manages to sneak up to the West Wing and discovers the Beast. Gaston attacks the Beast and pushes his enemy to the balcony of his room and on rooftops nearby. When Belle returns to the castle with her father, Maurice, the player watches as Gaston attacks the Beast, who isn't fighting back. Gaston notices the player and unleashes an Enraged Elk Heartless to attack them.

After the player defeats the Heartless, Beast, who is able to fight back but is pushed to the edge, attacks him from behind. Beast strikes him as he least expects it and turns the battle around, holding him over the edge, threatening to drop him. Beast lets him down and tells him to get out from the castle after his promise to do anything. Belle calls to Beast and reaches her hand out climbs up to her, but Gaston stabs Beast as his back is turned. Beast flails in pain, causing Gaston to stumble back and fall to his death.


Gaston is presented with neck-long black hair and blue eyes, normally tying his hair into a ponytail until his final showdown with the Beast. He usually sports a red shirt with grey trousers, along with yellow gloves and brown boots. Occasionally, he also wears a dark cape, and has a rifle tied around his back while hunting.


Gaston first appears as the main antagonist of Walt Disney's Academy Award winning film, Beauty and the Beast, voiced by Richard White. A popular and arrogant hunter, he has an intense crush on Belle and seeks to win her affection through various schemes. On one such occasion, he attempts to propose to her, complete with a faux-wedding arrangement, but she kicks him out of her father's house. He sulks in the village tavern, but when Maurice arrives and rants about Belle's capture courtesy of the Beast, Gaston makes another plan to "win" Belle.

Gaston meets with Monsieur D'Arque, the owner of a local madhouse known as the Maison des Lunes, to declare Maurice insane and have him thrown into the madhouse unless Belle agrees to marry him. Belle returns and is forced reveal the Beast to the village. Realizing that Belle has fallen in love with the Beast, the jealous Gaston rallies the villagers to storm the castle and slay the Beast. Upon arrival, Gaston's mob is ambushed by the Beast's servants but Gaston himself escapes the battle and engages the Beast on the rooftops. Gaston initially gains the upper hand, but when the Beast threatens him over the roof, Gaston pleads for forgiveness and the Beast spares his life. However, Gaston stabs the Beast from behind when the latter is distracted by Belle, but loses his footing and falls from the balcony to his death.

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