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Armed Warrior

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Armed Warrior

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Japanese アームドウォーリアー
Rōmaji Āmudo Wōriā

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Pleasure Dog
Upright Defender
Reversed Defender
Armed Warrior

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
A tenacious threat that thrives in long battles. Use special attacks to smash through its iron defenses and bring it down in two turns!

The Armed Warrior is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ during the Boys' Day event in 2014.


The Armed Warrior resembles a Defender with a samurai aesthetic. Its head-like shield has a screw-like protrusion where its jaw and upper skull connect, and has a spiral engraved on it. The shield's base is made of a large 13-tooth cog, with another gear inside. The shield's "face" is burgundy in color, has long, slightly curled ears, a large lower jaw with sharp teeth, a yellow beard, eyebrows and hair, and yellow, spiraled eyes.

The actual Heartless itself wears a dō with the same burgundy color as its shield, with dark purple pauldrons. Armor joints are connected by a gold screw, and is also used to connect the front and back of the chestplate. The Armed Warrior's helmet is where its emblem is located, along with two horn-like protrusions, with the right horn larger than the left.