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List of unnamed tracks (KHMOM)

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The following is a list of music tracks introduced in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory that have not been released on an official album. The majority of these tracks are arrangements of existing Kingdom Hearts songs, while others are original compositions that incorporate elements from previous tracks. As all of these tracks are untitled, the name of the cutscene they first appear in is used to distinguish them.

Shotaro Shima and Yoshinori Nakamura are credited as additional composers, while Yuko Komiyama and Yoshitaka Suzuki are credited as arrangers. The composer and arranger of each individual track are unknown.


This is a short track that accompanies the world logo of The Final World. Instrumentation includes piano, strings, bells, and a soft choir, creating a feel reminiscent of "Stranded Beyond".

Lost Memories[edit]

First track[edit]

This track is a frantic arrangement of "Night of Fate". The percussion hits are emphasized, driving the piece forward, with instrumentation further consisting of piano, strings, choir, and brass.

Second track[edit]

This piece is an arrangement of "Strange Whispers". It incorporates an arpeggiating string pattern similar to another unnamed arrangement of "Strange Whispers", albeit in a higher register. The second half of the track is more sinister, crescendoing with a new supporting string part.

Third track[edit]

This track is a slow arrangement of "Kairi". The melody is played on flute over a string foundation. Like the original, it is both calm and a touch remorseful.

Fated Meeting[edit]

The beginning of this track is an arrangement of "Xehanort". It suddenly builds into an intense and foreboding part based on "Destati", occasionally shifting back to a slower – but no less menacing – section of the composition. It incorporates nearly every distinct section of "Destati" and returns once to the melody of "Xehanort". Right before the conclusion of the track, the melody of "Sora" briefly breaches parts of "Destati".

The Answer[edit]

This piece begins with an arrangement of "Xehanort" with an unsettling tone similar to that of the original. From there, the piece begins to twist, turning into an darker original composition.

Fictional World[edit]

First track[edit]

This piece is an arrangement of "Scent of Silence". The first half is a piano solo, and the second part introduces a faint choir backing. The tone is far less menacing than the original track, but equally mysterious.

Second track[edit]

The first section of this track is an arrangement of "Merlin's Magical House". It adds brass to the instrumentation and has less of a focus on mallet percussion than the original, but is similar in style and feel. The second portion of this track is an original composition with a mysterious tone. This section is led by strings and later organ, with soft choir and occasional wind chimes and jingle bell hits.

To the Other Side[edit]

First track[edit]

This is a tranquil composition. The piano melody is played over strings, with soft brass also joining in. Certain parts of the melody quote "Nachtflügel".

Second track[edit]

This track is based on "Dearly Beloved" and is played by strings and piano. It begins calm and grows into a triumphant conclusion.

Another Key[edit]

First track[edit]

This piece is an arrangement of "Magical Mystery". The first part of this track is identical to an arrangement introduced in Kingdom Hearts III, while the second part adds a clarinet countermelody and slows to a unique finish.

Second track[edit]

This track is an arrangement of "Link to All". It begins relaxed, with just piano, strings, and a muted horn backing. Flute, clarinet, and percussion are layered in as the track continues.