Wicked Watermelon

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Wicked Watermelon

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Watch out for this seedy character! Despite its hard rind, it's not too tough to crack with the use of special attacks.

The Wicked Watermelon is a Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. It first appeared during the Summer event in 2013.


The Wicked Watermelon has a sleek, conical shaped body with the Heartless emblem centered on its chest. The top of its body flares sharply outward, creating a sharp collar-like indention in which its dark head sits. The Wicked Watermelon also has two small, yellow eyes. The inside of the watermelon-esque shell can be seen as red. The top portion of the Wicked Watermelon is in the form of a hat with a jagged brim. The hat's curl on top is actually the traditional watermelon stem, although black in color.

Like other members in its family in Kingdom Hearts χ, the Wicked Watermelon is named after a real life item, in this case, a watermelon.