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Sigrun (シグルーン, Shigurūn?) from Episode 7: Reason for Disappearance.

Japanese シグルーン
Rōmaji Shigurūn
Homeworld Scala ad Caelum
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Sigrun is a character in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. She is one of the upper classmen.


Kingdom Hearts Dark Road[edit]


Sigrun is a chubby, rosy-cheeked woman with blue eyes and orange hair styled in a side ponytail. She wears a pink kimono robe, with a beige obi wrapped around her upper waist into a bow at her back. A yellow ribbon takes the place of the obijime, held together in the centre of her obi with a silver obidome-like charm that resembles the emblem worn by her classmates.

Sigrún is a valkyrie in Norse mythology, and wife of the hero Helgi.


Like her classmates, Sigrun wields the Keyblade.