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Child of Destiny

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The cloaked figure informs Xehanort that he is the "child of destiny".

"Child of Destiny" (運命の子 Unmei no Ko?) is the epilogue of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It ends with the phase "An Oath to Return".


Prior to the 5.0.1 update, Xehanort is referred to as the great-great-grandson of Ephemer and Player's default male appearance is fully visible in flashback with Ephemer.


9 Years Ago

A very young Xehanort and the cloaked figure lay on Destiny Islands by a campfire. Xehanort crawls into the person's arms, who tells him that he is the "child of destiny" who will save the world from darkness, as well as the descendant of a renowned Keyblade Master. Through Xehanort's interactions with others, the cloaked figure explains, he will be lead on his destined path.

Xehanort understands that he must stay on the islands to be protected from darkness, but is told that he must one day leave and experience the outside world when he is strong enough. Xehanort expresses his desire to leave and see his mother again, as well as meet the kids from his dreams. He describes these friends to the cloaked figure: a boy with curvy silver hair, a boy with black hair and a hat, a skinny boy with pink hair, a quiet boy with blond hair, a girl with dark hair not unlike his mother's, and another one who reminds him of his caretaker. Upon hearing this, the cloaked figure gets emotional.

The cloaked figure describes how they lived two lives: in their first life as Player in Daybreak Town, they knew of a Book of Prophecies that was given to a dear friend; in their second life in old Scala ad Caelum, they learned that darkness would prevail over light, but that the "child of destiny" would change that grim outcome.

Many years later, an adolescent Xehanort stands on the beach. The cloaked figure describes how Xehanort's heart had connected with their own, and that the growing man has quite the journey ahead of him. But they have faith that Xehanort will become light's master; after all, he has the blood of Ephemer.

The cloaked figure keels over and fades away.

An Oath to Return


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"Child of Destiny" (5.0.0) "Child of Destiny" (5.0.1)