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Skuld (スクルド, Sukurudo?) from the 22-1 Daybreak Town story mission

Japanese スクルド
Rōmaji Sukurudo
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
"I can't just sit back and wait for the end to come."

Skuld is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. She is a member of the same Union as Ephemer.[1]


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Skuld was chosen by the Keyblade, and joined the same Union as Ephemer in Daybreak Town.[citation needed] Driven by her excitement, Skuld tried to create her own party to undertake missions with other Keyblade wielders, but no one expressed any interest in joining her until Ephemer joined her party. Over time, more wielders gradually joined them in their journey to gather Lux. Due to their busy schedules, however, Skuld and Ephemer began drifting apart, putting a strain on their friendship. After Ephemer decided to leave the group to go his own way, the other members of Skuld's party departed as well, much to Skuld's dismay. Quest 555: Inside the Clock Tower Pt. 10

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

One night, Ephemer contacts Skuld in a dream and instructs her to seek out Player, warning her about the impending Keyblade War. Skuld finds Player in the Fountain Square having a conversation with their Chirithy about collecting Lux for their Union before the other Unions do, prompting Skuld to question the competition between the Unions since they strive to collect light for the same goal. Skuld relays Ephemer's message to Player, who reveals that Ephemer had contacted them in a dream and told them to go the Foretellers' Chamber. Skuld and Player agree to go, in spite of Chirithy's protests since Ava forbid them from entering the area. When a sudden quake shakes all of Daybreak Town, Skuld and Player rush to investigate the source of the disturbance. Quest 536: Mission: The Underworld Pt. 6

They witness Invi fighting against Aced. Shocked at the sight of the two Foretellers fighting each other, Skuld affirms that Ephemer's warning must be true, and the trio proceed to the sewers to access the secret entrance to the Foretellers' Chamber. Quest 538: What's That Sound Pt. 2 Destroying Darklings along the way, Skuld and Player come across a Nightmare Chirithy fully tainted by darkness, much to Skuld's shock. Nightmare Chirithy asks if she hates the darkness, explaining that light and darkness cannot exist without the other, and encourages Skuld to embrace the darkness just like the Darklings did. Skuld inquires if the Darklings used to be Keyblade wielders, which Nightmare Chirithy confirms. Quest 540: To the Clock Tower Pt. 2

After the Nightmare Chirithy leaves, Skuld and Player make their way to where Player last saw Ephemer. Skuld asks Player's Chirithy to lead them further into the Clock Tower. Quest 545: Chasing Ephemer Pt. 5 They eventually enter the Foretellers' Chambers, where they are confronted by one of the Foretellers.[2] Skuld apologizes for trespassing and explains that they are looking for Ephemer. The Foreteller tells them that Ephemer has been collecting Lux for a reason that contradicts their own, claiming that Ephemer had befriended them simply to get his hands on information and has been eliminated. Skuld is outraged and Player steps forward to avenge Ephemer, but is defeated.

After the battle, the Foreteller reveals herself to be Ava in disguise and apologizes for deceiving them. Ava thanks Skuld and Player for showing her the strength of their hearts and explains that she is gathering Keyblade wielders, such as Ephemer, to join the Dandelions to ensure the future of the light in a new world after the Keyblade War and extends the invitation to Skuld and Player. Skuld accepts, but Player remains hesitant. Ava allows Player time to consider her proposal, and requests that Skuld and Player their meeting a secret.

At the Fountain Square, Skuld sits with Player and Chirithy, who asks why Player refused to join the Dandelions. When Player explains that they are reluctant to leave behind their friends who will take part in the Keyblade War, Skuld shares how she had been alone for a long time prior to Ephemer joining her party, and how he assured her that she will fine by herself when he left her. Convinced that the only way to see Ephemer is to join the Dandelions, Skuld thanks Player for their help and bids them farewell.

Skuld later joins the rest of the Dandelions at the Fountain Square, where Ava orders her Dandelions to avoid the Keyblade War and journey to the new world to ensure the future of the light. Quest 555: Inside the Clock Tower Pt. 10

As tensions rise between the Unions, Skuld comes across a skirmish at the Fountain Square, in which Player is trying to stop two quarreling Keyblade wielders. However, Skuld's attempts to quell the wielders are crushed when Aced appears to announce that war has begun and the only thing they can believe in is the promise of their Unions. Aced declares that absolute strength is based on righteousness that can only be proven through battle, but Skuld objects to his claims. Aced recognizes her as one of the Dandelions, comparatively stating that what Ava is doing is merely a display of strength as well. Quest 675: Master Aced

Skuld watches as Player duels Aced and is defeated. After Ira steps forward and the crowd disperses, Skuld asks Ira about the upcoming Keyblade War, to which Ira explains it is unavoidable. Skuld argues that Ava had said there would be no winner of the Keyblade War and questions the purpose of the war. Ira confirms Skuld's inquiry and suggests that Skuld and Player prepare themselves for what is to come. Once alone, Player collapses to the ground, leaving Skuld and Chirithy to tend to them.

Skuld and Chirithy bring an unconscious Player home to rest. There, Skuld and Chirithy discuss the growing tension between the Unions and the impending Keyblade War. Player wakes and asks if Skuld has found Ephemer, and Skuld admits that she has not since she has been trying recruiting as many wielders as possible join the Dandelions. However, Skuld laments that the Dandelions themselves have begun to lose morale, as Ava has gone missing. Chirithy suggests that Gula might be able to help them, and the three of them set out to search for Gula the following day.

Eventually, Skuld, Player, and Chirithy trace Gula to one of the unoccupied houses of Daybreak Town. Gula identifies Skuld as one of Ava's Dandelions and deduces their motive for seeking him out, stressing that neither he nor Ava can stop the upcoming war. Skuld retorts its a Dandelion's duty to keep as many of their comrades from the Keyblade War as possible. Gula remarks that Skuld is similar to Ava and informs the party that the Master of Masters is the only one who can save the world. As the Master of Masters is missing, Gula directs them to find Luxu, the sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters who disappeared around the same time. Skuld realizes that Ava's recent disappearance was because she had gone to look for Luxu in order to find the Master of Masters.

Gula then shares some of the passages from the Lost Page with Skuld and Player, which details that a traitor of the light would be the one to bring an end to the world, which will be signaled by the chiming of a bell. When the group hears the bells of the Clock Tower toll, Gula advises Skuld and Player to leave, as each Union will likely rally their forces for the war. Later, Skuld asks Player to join her and the Dandelions in the new world, but they decline. Although Skuld respects their decision, she tells Player to give her offer some thought and departs.

While the Keyblade War wages at the Badlands, Skuld travels to another realm alongside the rest of the Dandelions and reunites with Ephemer. Together, she and Ephemer travel to the Badlands following the conclusion of the Keyblade War, where they find Player lying unconscious on the ground. They bring Player to the new world, where Player's memories of the tragedy are erased alongside the rest of the Dandelions, with the exception of the five chosen Keyblade wielders by Ava to become the new Union leaders.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

As per Ava's instructions, Skuld heads to the Keyblade Graveyard following the conclusion of the Keyblade War. There, she meets with Ephemer, Ventus, Brain, and Lauriam. Quest 730: Target: Silver Hammer Frame Pt. 2 The five of them return to the Clock Tower to begin their duties as the new Union leaders. When Skuld proposes that they begin choosing which Union each of them will lead, Ephemer recommends that they maintain the Union χ in order to prevent the conflicts of the past world, with the other Union leaders agreeing to reconstitute the old system later as stated in the rules. Brain suggests that, while the Dandelions are reliving the events of the past, they collect the necessary ingredients to create new Spirits and sends Skuld, Ephemer, and Ventus to collect the ingredients while he and Lauriam stay behind to make the necessary preparations. Quest 735: The Shiny Hammer Pt. 5

Later, in Daybreak Town, Chirithy reports to Skuld and Ephemer about Player's persisting nightmares about the Keyblade War. Skuld assures Chirithy that Player's tragic memories will fade over time and advises it to take care of Player while they investigate the new impending darkness in the world. Once Chirithy leaves, Skuld questions Ephemer's wisdom about telling Chirithy about the darkness, as they likely just made Chirithy worry, but Ephemer argues that it affects everyone. Ephemer mentions that he detects something strange about Union χ, though Skuld reminds him that the rules dictate that they lead the Union χ. Quest 670: Target: Chill Ripper Pt. 5

Ephemer calls a meeting between the Union Leaders to discuss the matter of the Shift Pride, a competition between Keyblade wielders outlined in the rules that Ava gave them. Skuld is against the notion, expressing distaste at the idea of wielders fighting against each other. When Ephemer explains his plan of having the wielders only fight data versions of one another so that no one will get hurt, Skuld agrees to it. Quest 846: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 1

Lauriam returns to the tower and asks Skuld if she knows anything about Strelitzia, his missing sister. Skuld does not, and apologizes for not being able to help. Quest 851: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 6 Skuld remains in the tower with Brain and Ventus while Lauriam and Ephemer leave to search for clues as to Strelitzia's disappearance. Quest 860: Daybreak Fun with Ephemer Pt. 5

While talking in the Foretellers' Chambers, Skuld and Ventus see a glitched apparition of Ava and the Master of Masters. Quest 861: Trouble at the Tower? Pt. 1 Later, Skuld meets back up with the other Union leaders and they fill each other in on what has happened. They discuss the glitches that have been appearing as well as the new world that has been connected to Daybreak Town. Brain hypothesizes that they are in the data world, and Skuld expresses distress at the idea of not being able to return to the real world. Quest 910: Investigating the Glitches Pt. 5

Brain leaves to investigate while Skuld goes with Ventus to Daybreak Town. Brain's Chirithy appears and asks them to meet Brain on the hill overlooking town. Quest 920: Chocolate Monster Madness There, Skuld and Ventus meet up with Brain and Ephemer, who question them about how they were chosen to be Union leaders. Brain reveals that Ava entrusted him with a list of those who were meant to be Union leaders, and that Ventus's name is not on the list, while Strelitzia's is. Quest 925: To the Kart Bakery Pt. 2 Skuld attempts to comfort Ventus as he becomes distressed and confused, and the four decide to return to the Clock Tower. Quest 935: Heartless in the Hideout Pt. 3

After bringing Ventus to rest in his room, Skuld expresses concern for Ventus's well-being as well as his innocence. Quest 960: To the Race Track! Pt. 5 Brain and Ephemer suggest that Darkness is the true culprit behind Strelitzia's disappearance, to which Skuld questions what Darkness would want from them. An injured Lauriam overhears them talking and enters the room, demanding that Brain tell him what happened to Strelitzia. Ephemer and Skuld attempt to calm Lauriam down. Ventus enters the room and admits that he is responsible for what happened to Strelitzia, causing Lauriam once again to demand answers. Lauriam attempts to strike Ventus, but is stopped by Ephemer. Ventus then collapses and Darkness emerges from him. Quest 965: Pest Control Pt. 3

The Union leaders discover that Darkness was responsible for replacing Strelitzia with Ventus. Darkness claims that it had acted to fulfill Ventus's desire for power; Skuld refuses to believe it, asserting that Ventus would never wish harm on anyone. Skuld then joins the fight against Darkness alongside Brain and Ephemer. Quest 970: Pest Control Pt. 8

Skuld is knocked aside in the battle, but gathers her resolve, vowing that Darkness will pay for its actions. Lauriam rejoins the fight as well, and at that moment, Player returns to aid them. After the battle, Darkness claims that it is formless and cannot be destroyed. Ventus awakens and tells Darkness that it will reshape it into a form that can be defeated. Skuld and Ephemer shout Ventus's name in alarm as he clashes with Darkness, ending the battle. Quest 977: Darkness Looms

After bringing an unconscious Ventus back to his room, Skuld expresses concern over whether the world will really end as Darkness claimed it would. Ephemer resolves to save everyone and Skuld promises to support him. Elrena arrives at the tower with news for Lauriam about Strelitzia. With the end of the world looming, the group decides to attempt to return to the real world, where they may have a better chance of finding answers.

Skuld, Ephemer, Brain, Lauriam, Elrena, Ventus, and Player arrive at the Clock Tower basement, where the lifeboats are kept. Skuld urges Elrena, Ventus, and Player to be the first to take the lifeboats; when Ephemer suggests that Skuld or Lauriam take a lifeboat as well, Skuld immediately forfeits her place to Lauriam, telling him that he has a better chance of finding Strelitzia in the real world. Player also declines, choosing to remain in the data world with Ephemer and Skuld. Quest 978: What Comes After

After sending Brain, Lauriam, Elrena, and Ventus back to the real world, Ephemer, Skuld, and Player are confronted by four manifestations of Darkness. Darkness asks that they open a gate for it to leave and infect other worlds, to which Ephemer refuses. In a bid to save Ephemer and Skuld, Player pretends to be possessed by Darkness and attacks them. Shocked, Skuld fights alongside Ephemer, but is knocked unconscious. After the battle, Player threatens Skuld's life, goading Ephemer into sending them and the four Darknesses through a corridor between worlds.

Ephemer helps Skuld into one of the lifeboats and they return to the real world together. They emerge into a collapsing Daybreak Town and briefly step outside to watch in horror as the world is torn apart. They return to the lifeboats to escape from the world; Skuld tearfully thanks Ephemer for being there with her at the end, to which Ephemer assures her that it's not over yet. As their pods close, the ceiling collapses above them, filling the room with rubble. Quest 979: The Final Battle


Skuld has long black hair, pink star earrings, and brown eyes. She wears a grey, zippered shirt under a black vest, and a studded belt around her black skirt. She has a red belt wrapped around her left arm, and two around her ankles. She wears black boots and knee-high stockings.

Skuld shares her name with one of the Norns in Norse mythology, specifically the one in charge of the future.


Skuld is known as the "serious one" by Brain and has similar diligence to Ava. She cares for her friends, most notably Ephemer and Player. She doesn't like seeing other Keyblade wielders fight, as to why she agreed with Ventus against the Shift Pride.

Skuld is sympathetic towards others as she felt great sadness for both Ventus, who was manipulated by Darkness into taking Strelitzia's life, and for Lauriam for the loss of his sister.


Main article: Starlight

Skuld wields the third upgrade of the Starlight Keyblade.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ If the player is in Vulpes, Skuld is in Leopardus. If Leopardus, then Ursus. If Ursus, then Anguis. If Anguis, then Unicornis. If Unicornis, then Vulpes.
  2. ^ If the player is in Unicornis or Vulpes, then Ira appears. If Ursus, then Aced. If Anguis, then Invi. If Leopardus, then Gula.