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Skuld (Art) KHUX.png

Skuld KHX.png

Katakana スクルド Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Sukurudo
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Skuld is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. She is a member of the same Union as Ephemer.[1]


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Skuld is chosen by the Keyblade to become a wielder and is transported to Daybreak Town at an unknown point in time. Driven by her excitement, Skuld creates her own party in order to undertake missions with fellow wielders, although no one expresses any interest in joining her until a Keyblade wielder named Ephemer joins her party. Over time, more wielders gradually join them they journey together to gather as much Lux as possible. Due to their busy schedules, Skuld and Ephemer begin drifting apart, putting a strain on their friendship. Eventually, Ephemer decides to leave the group to go his own way. As time passes, the other members of Skuld's party leave as well, leaving the distraught Skuld the sole member of her group.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

One night, Ephemer appears to Skuld in a dream and instructs her to seek out Player, while also offering a foreboding about how the end of the world is near. With this, Skuld does as directed and finds Player in the Fountain Square - interjecting her opinion to a conversation they and Chirithy are having in which Chirithy stresses that they have to continue to collect Lux or else the other Unions will get ahead. Skuld questions why this matters, as in the end their goals of collecting Light are all the same, thus there is no need to fight over it. Introducing herself, Skuld informs Player and Chirithy that Ephemer had told her all about Player - explaining how the two of them used to be in the same party. Skuld then divulges that Ephemer had appeared to her in a dream the other night and told her to find Player - something which Chirithy questions - though Skuld admits that she doesn't know the reason behind it either. Player then reveals that Ephemer had appeared to them in a dream as well, prompting Skuld to ask what he'd said. When Player reveals that Ephemer had said he'd be waiting for them at the place they were meant to investigate together before his disappearance, Skuld suggests that they go investigate this place themselves. Chirithy outright denies this as a possibility, as Ava had specifically told them to stay away from there - though Skuld argues that Ava must have had a reason for saying that, and she feels as though it might be the same reason Ephemer told her to find Player.

A sudden quake shakes all of Daybreak Town, leaving Skuld, Player and Chirithy dumbfounded. Summoning their Keyblades, Skuld and Player rush to investigate the source of the disturbance. As Chirithy chases after Skuld and Player, the three of them lay witness to Invi being chased across the rooftops by Aced - who continuously attempts to strike her down. Skuld questions why the Foretellers are fighting, claiming that Ephemer was right and revealing that just before she woke up, Ephemer had told her that the end of the world was near - and after what they'd just seen, Skuld is sure that it's true, meaning that this world will disappear just as Ephemer had. With this, Player suggests that they keep going, leading the way to the sewer entrance.

Before the group can reach their destination, their path is blocked by three odd Heartless, called Darklings, who demand that Player and Skuld relinquish their Lux to them. Skuld and Player then face off against the Darklings, managing to defeat them - however as the Darklings retreat, Nightmare Chirithy appears to prevent Skuld and Player from pursuing them. Noting that Nightmare Chirithy has changed since their last encounter, Chirithy realizes that Nightmare Chirithy has now been fully tainted by Darkness - shocking Skuld. Nightmare Chirithy then asks if Skuld hates the Darkness, explaining that Light and Darkness are two halves of the same coin, meaning that one cannot exist without the other; suggesting that Skuld embrace the Darkness just like the Darklings did. Hearing this, Skuld questions if that means that the Darklings used to be Keyblade wielders - which Nightmare Chirithy confirms - though rather than using Medals they now utilize power that is all their own. Chirithy is appalled that Nightmare Chirithy would diverge from the teachings and asks who its Player is - though Nightmare Chirithy remains cryptic and says that its wielder is closer than it realizes, taking its leave shortly thereafter.

Proceeding into the sewers, Player leads Skuld and Chirithy to the place where they last met with Ephemer. Skuld insists that there has to be something up ahead, while Chirithy asks if Player is sure this is a good idea given recent events. As Player comforts Chirithy, Skuld asks if they know the way around the Clock Tower - which Chirithy confirms. Skuld then requests that Chirithy show them the way - and though it is reluctant, Chirithy agrees to do so - though because the area is off limits they can only have a quick peek and then they have to get out of there. Skuld agrees to Chirithy's terms and together the three make their way into the Clock Tower and up to the Foreteller's Chamber.

Inside the Foreteller's Chamber - Skuld asks if Player and Chirithy think that Ephemer was there. Chirithy says that it doesn't know but that, as Skuld can see, there's no one there now and nothing to see, asking if they can leave. Hesitant, Skuld agrees, though she admits that she was expecting something more - wondering what's so special about the Foreteller's Chamber. Just then, someone approaches from behind the group, asking what they're doing in the Foreteller's Chamber. A Foreteller emerges from the shadows - being Ira if Player is of the Unicornis or Vulpes Unions, Invi if Player is of Anguis, Gula if Player is of Leopardus, and Aced if of Ursus. Skuld immediately apologizes to the Foreteller, explaining that they are just looking for someone. The Foreteller voices his disappointment in Chirithy for allowing Skuld and Player into the Foreteller's Chamber, mentioning that he'd caught another wielder in there just the other day - asking if he was a friend of theirs. Player confirms that the intruder is their friend, and Skuld asks if that means the Foreteller had talked to Ephemer. The Foreteller confirms this, but informs Skuld and Player that Ephemer's Union collects Lux for a reason that contradicts their own, claiming that Ephemer had befriended them simply to get his hands on information - though he is no longer a threat; implying that he'd put an end to Ephemer. Outraged, Skuld asks how the Foreteller could do such a thing, though the Foreteller simply asks what they intend to do about it.

Though Chirithy attempts to take the blame for everything, Player steps between it and the Foreteller and takes full responsibility for its actions - condemning the Foreteller for what he'd done to Ephemer. Player explains that since the Foreteller had taken Ephemer away from them, they feel sad, angry and hurt - and while that might mean that they have Darkness in their Heart, they won't allow the Foreteller to get away with what he's done - even if that means that they have to fight the Foreteller. Knowing that Ephemer would do the same for them if their roles were switched, Player summons their Keyblade against the Foreteller - apologizing, but rationalizing that it is something that they must do. The Foreteller accepts this and summons his own Keyblade, launching himself into a vicious battle with Player.

As Player is cast to the ground, the group finds themselves back in the sewers, and the Foreteller congratulates Player for having fought admirably. Then, the Foreteller's facade fades as well, revealing himself to have been Ava the entire time. Ava quickly heals Player, addressing them and Skuld together - thanking them for showing her the strength of their Hearts, while also apologizing for having deceived them - as the Foreteller Player had fought, as well as the Foreteller's Chamber, had been mere projections all along. Skuld questions what the point of all of this was, and so Ava elaborates that it is as Ephemer had stated in his dream to Skuld, the world is nearing its end - and if all Keyblade wielders disappear alongside it there won't be anyone left to drive away the ensuing Darkness.

Ava then reveals her role to Skuld, Player and Chirithy, explaining that it is her duty to gather exceptional Keyblade wielders, regardless of their Unions, in a separate faction called the Dandelions - who must survive for the world after. Overwhelmed, Skuld questions what happened to Ephemer, with Ava explaining that because Ephemer began to question things and because sought after a truth that he knew could be found, she knew Ephemer was the perfect candidate to lead the Dandelions in her stead; confirming that he is alright. However, Ava mentions that there is a Keyblade wielder who has been corrupted by the Darkness - as evidenced by the Nightmare Chirithy the group had encountered earlier. Wanting the world to come to be filled with Light, Ava explains that she needs wielders with strong resistances to the Darkness - subsequently extending an invitation to both Skuld and Player to join the Dandelions. Skuld immediately accepts, however, Player is hesitant - not wanting to leave behind the friends they have made who will be left to take part in the Keyblade War. Player asks that they be given some time to think about Ava's invitation, which Ava allows - though she asks that Skuld and Player keep this information to themselves, as the future is a sensitive subject.

Later, Skuld sits with Player and Chirithy in the Fountain Square, with Chirithy asking what's holding Player back from joining the Dandelions - as they would get to see Ephemer again. Player reasons that, while Ephemer is their friend, so are all of those who would be left to take part in the Keyblade War and they are unwilling to abandon them. Skuld then asks if she can share a story - detailing how she had been alone for a long time prior to Ephemer joining and popularizing her party. When Ephemer left her party - he told Skuld that she would be alright on her own now, which she's come to realize was true. Still, Skuld never forgot Ephemer, and she knows that he never forgot her either, because he'd led her to Player. Skuld thanks Player for helping her see so much, but states that she still has to thank Ephemer, and the only way to do that is to join the Dandelions; shaking Player's hand before the two part ways.

Skuld later joins the rest of the Dandelions in the Fountain Square, where Ava explains that they'd been called to continue with their training for the mission; stressing that in a world made of dreams, they are the hope. Informing the Dandelions that a war is approaching in which Keyblade wielders will turn on each other for the sake of loyalty to their own Unions. While Ava voices her doubt in how far she can guide the Dandelions, they must keep in mind that anyone can fall to Darkness. Ava mentions that the war will see no winners and that everything will be lost - except the Dandelions, who she directs to avoid the battle and fly away to the world outside. With that, Ava tells her Dandelions that the future and the world's Light is in their hands.

As tensions rise between the Unions infighting among Keyblade wielders becomes more common. One day, Skuld comes across a skirmish in the Fountain Square, in which Player has thrown themself between two quarreling wielders. Running onto the scene, Skuld begs the wielders to stop fighting - much to their confusion, as they ask which Union she's in. Skuld instead claims that her Union doesn't matter, because their enemies are the monsters of the Darkness and the Keyblade isn't something to be used against a person. The wielders argue that someone who steals Light is of the same existence as the denizens of Darkness. Shocked, Skuld asks what the wielders mean as a crowd begins to gather, with the quarreling wielders explaining that the fight has already begun. Having heard the conversation, Aced approaches and confirms that the fight has indeed begun, stating that the only thing they can believe in is the promise of their Unions. However, Aced mentions that as Keyblade wielders they cannot judge whether a person's Heart is of Darkness or not - as absolute strength is based on righteousness rather than the amount of Light you collect; something which can only be proven by fighting. When Skuld attempts to object, Aced recognizes her as one of the Dandelions, comparatively stating that what Ava is doing is merely a display of strength as well. Stepping forward, Player explains that they are not a Dandelion - prompting Aced to ask which Union they are a part of; with the answer provoking Aced to summon his Keyblade against Player.

Skuld witnesses Player being beaten back by Aced, who then disqualifies Player as a Keyblade wielder. Ira then steps forward - ordering Aced to put away his Keyblade while voicing his disgust over the fact that Aced would raise his Keyblade against another wielder. Though Aced claims to have just been testing Player, Ira reveals that he'd been drawn there by Aced's bloodlust, prompting Aced to blame Ira and the other Foretellers for intensifying the battle. Aced declares that he is no longer gathering Lux, but soldiers - believing that a strong Union is absolute - and declaring that he will become the new leader to maintain the balance after banishing the other Foretellers. Ira warns Aced to be wary of his cockiness - though Aced simply tells Ira that he will be waiting in place of the final battle; then taking his leave. The crowd disperses, and Skuld asks Ira what is going to happen, with Ira explaining that the decided time is upon them and that it is no longer avoidable. Skuld argues that Ava had said there'd be no winner of the Keyblade War, questioning the point of fighting if that is indeed the case. Casually, Ira confirms Skuld's query, but reasons that it is because there will be no winner; suggesting that Skuld and Player prepare themselves for what is to come. Once alone, Player collapses to the ground, leaving a shocked and concerned Skuld and Chirithy to tend to them.

Skuld and Chirithy bring an unconscious Player home, with Chirithy wondering if Player will be alright. Skuld assures Chirithy that Player will be fine, reasoning that they had simply used up a lot of strength. Changing the subject, Skuld mentions that things appear to be getting worse day by day - and she keeps seeing fights break out all over Daybreak Town - asking if Chirithy knows what the Foretellers are doing; though given what had happened earlier she assumes she already knows the answer. Chirithy explains that it's unsure what had happened, but it seems as though everyone has completely changed, and thus Skuld accepts that it seems as though they really can't avoid the final battle after all. Player then wakes and asks about Ephemer and whether or not Skuld managed to see him again. Sadly, Skuld admits that she hasn't, though it seems as though he's working under Ava's orders, while she herself has been trying to make sure that as many wielders as possible join the Dandelions so that they don't have to take part in the Keyblade War. Unfortunately, Skuld explains that most people don't actually believe that the end is coming, and the Dandelions themselves have even begun to lose morale. Player questions what Ava is doing - only for Chirithy to reveal that Ava had gone missing recently; however Gula might know something about it given how close they are. Despite Chirithy's protests, Player assures their friends that they are well enough to embark on another adventure so soon, resolving that the three of them would search for Gula the following day.

Following a number of leads, Skuld, Player and Chirithy eventually trace Gula to one of the unoccupied houses of Daybreak Town. Gula reveals himself and asks if the group needs something, reasoning that because they are not collecting Lux and their presence there must mean that they are some of Ava's Dandelions. Skuld confirms this, prompting Gula to ask if the group is looking for Ava - asking what they intend to do once they find her. Either they will ask that Ava change the situation in regards to the upcoming battle - something even Ava can't do - or they will ask for clarification on the situation - though Gula stresses that they can't change anything, even after knowing the truth. While this may be true, Skuld argues that it doesn't mean they should just sit around and wait for the world to end, as its a Dandelion's duty to keep as many of their comrades from the Keyblade War as possible. Gula then compares Skuld to Ava, though no matter how just she may be, they cannot save the world. Instead, if there's any chance, only the Master of Masters can save the world. This makes Skuld ask where the Master of Masters is, but Gula regretfully informs the group that the Master of Masters vanished one day - and while he and Ava tried to search for him, they couldn't find any leads. However, if anyone were to know the Master of Master's whereabouts, it would be Luxu. When Skuld and Player question who Luxu is, Chirithy explains that Luxu was the sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters - though he disappeared around the same time as the Master of Masters. Skuld asks if the Foretellers had ever found Luxu, to which an amused Gula says that asking that really does make Skuld just like Ava. Thus, Skuld comes to the realization that Ava's recent disappearance was because she had gone to seek out Luxu in order to ask him the whereabouts of the Master of Masters.

Gula then proceeds to tell Player, Skuld and Chirithy some of the passage from the Lost Page, "Unable to permit disharmony, you will be disappointed by fate and lose sight of true strength... Misreading the truth, you will venture forth in secrecy." Skuld questions what the text on the Lost Page meant, with Gula explaining that the traitor would be the one to bring an end to the world. Gula admitted that, although they suspected someone, they weren't able to stop them. As the group mulls it over, Gula reveals that there is more, "And with that one swing, the bell that tells the end of the battle will sound... and the battle will finally begin at the destined time." Chirithy asks if it's all right for Gula to be telling them this, which Gula admits that it's not, however because the battle is unavoidable, it doesn't matter if they know as it is meaningless. Hearing the bells of the Clock Tower toll, Gula announces that it has begun. Gula advises Player, Skuld and Chirithy to leave, as each Union will likely rally their forces soon enough.

After leaving Gula, Skuld announces that she's going to head back to the Dandelions, asking that Player join her - though they decline. Although Skuld understands, she doesn't want Player to fight, as she'd rather have them go with them to the outside world. Believing that Ephemer would want that as well, Skuld asks that Player give it some thought before bidding them farewell, but not before they offer to shake her hand one final time.

When the Keyblade War commences in full at the Badlands, Skuld travels to another realm alongside the rest of the Dandelions, where she reunites with Ephemer. Together, she and Ephemer travel to the Badlands - now a Keyblade Graveyard - following the conclusion of the Keyblade War, where they find Player lying unconscious on the ground. Together, they bring Player to the new world, where Player's memories of the tragedy are erased alongside the rest of the Dandelions - save for the five chosen by Ava to become the new Union Leaders.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

As per Ava's instructions, Skuld travels to the Keyblade Graveyard following the conclusion of the Keyblade War. Skuld is the second of the new Union Leaders to arrive, after Ephemer - who is surprised to see that she had been chosen as well. Skuld asks if Ephemer is disappointed to see that it's her, mentioning that she'd anticipated seeing him there. Ephemer reminisces about how the two of them had already visited the Keyblade Graveyard together since the end of the Keyblade War, however he didn't think that she'd be chosen as one of the Union Leaders. Skuld reasons that it's in part because the identity of the Union Leaders was meant to be kept secret until they all met at this moment. Skuld then wonders aloud who the other three Union Leaders could be - but Ephemer admits that he has no idea - admitting that, before Skuld showed up, he hadn't put much faith in what Ava had said, so he couldn't possibly think of who could be coming. Skuld then sees someone in the distance.

When the third Union Leader gets closer, Skuld welcomes him and introduces herself, while Ephemer asks if he'd been sent by Ava as well. The third confirms this, prompting Ephemer to step forward in order to shake his hand, introducing himself in the process. The third then introduces himself as Ventus, though he asks that Ephemer and Skuld call him Ven. While bonding, Ephemer and Skuld reveal that they had been friends prior to becoming Dandelions. Ven admits that he's sort of jealous of their relationship because he's always been kind of a loner; something which Skuld can relate to. However, Ven claims not to be anyone special either, as he'd never ranked very high, so really he's not sure why he was chosen to be one of the new Union Leaders. Skuld conveys that Ava must have had some reason for choosing Ven - though Ven explains that he'd never really spoken to Ava before so he doesn't know what she was like. Ephemer pipes up, saying that Ava was really easy to talk to - amused Skuld tells Ephemer that he thinks everyone is easy to talk to; though he denies it. Ven voices his jealousy over Ephemer and Skuld's friendship - but Ephemer corrects Ven by stating that he's their friend now too.

With that, the fourth Union Leader makes his presence know, commenting on how nice the concept of friends sounds and introducing himself as Brain. Brain admits that he'd thought he would be the last to arrive - though surprisingly this isn't the case. When Ephemer confirms this, Brain asks if Ephemer is their leader - though Ephemer denies that he is the leader and stresses that it hasn't been decided yet, as they first must wait until they've all arrived. Brain accepts this, asking instead if the rules they'd been provided were absolute. Skuld suggests that the rules would be absolute, prompting Brain to compare her to Ava because of her diligence; which she notes is the second time that's happened. Hearing this, Ephemer jokes that Skuld isn't as amazing as Ava. Brain then questions if they can really believe all of this - voicing his discomfort with lying to everyone about the Keyblade War; something that had bothered Ven as well. Thinking about the pain that Player endured because of the Keyblade War, Ephemer firmly states that it must remain a secret, as he doesn't want people to remember the tragedy they'll follow the rules. Brain, Ven and Skuld all accept this, stating that they all believe in Ephemer. Together, the four new Union Leaders await the arrival of their final comrade.

Later, in Daybreak Town, Chirithy reports to Ephemer and Skuld about Player's persisting nightmares. Though Chirithy felt guilty about lying to Player initially, he really does want to allow Player to forget. Skuld asks that Chirithy push through it, which Chirithy agrees to do, because Player is his best friend. Ephemer then states that, for Player's sake, he leaves what he'd told Chirithy earlier about the Union Cross up to him. Skuld adds that surely Player's tragic memories within his Heart will be worn away as he goes on adventures with his friends. Unexpectedly, Ephemer mentions that he also senses a different Darkness in the world from that of the old one, being more complex - so he doesn't fully understand it himself - but he senses a strong intention. Skuld interjects however and advises Chirithy to leave it to them and focus on taking care of Player. Once Chirithy has gone, Skuld asks why Ephemer told Chirithy about the darkness, as they likely just made Chirithy worry. Ephemer apologizes, arguing that it affects Chirithy as well, and that the more that the new world differs from its predecessor, the more uneasiness will be generated. Furthermore, the Union Cross results in Ephemer sensing a different kind of malice and Darkness. Skuld then reminds Ephemer that the rules dictate that they start the Union Cross - which Ephemer accepts, suggesting that they'll just have to let their Heart's be their guiding keys.


Skuld has long black hair, pink star earrings and light brown eyes. She wears a grey, zippered shirt under a black vest, and a studded belt around her black skirt. She has a red belt wrapped around her left arm, and two around her ankles. She wears black boots and knee-high stockings.

Skuld shares her name with one of the Norns in Norse mythology, specifically the one in charge of the future.


Main article: Starlight

Skuld wields the third upgrade of the Starlight Keyblade.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. If the player is in Vulpes, Skuld is in Leopardos. If Leopardos, then Ursus. If Ursus, then Anguis. If Anguis, then Unicornis. If Unicornis, then Vulpes.

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