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Large Watermelon

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Large Watermelon

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Watch out for this seedy character! Despite its hard rind, it's not too tough to crack with the use of special attacks.

The Large Watermelon is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. It appeared during the Summer event in 2013.


The Large Watermelon parallels the appearance of a normal Watermelon. However, as implied by its name, the main difference is that this version of the Watermelon is larger in size. The Large Watermelon has a smooth, conical shape just like other enemies of its type. The Large Watermelon is colored much like a common watermelon, with a greenish outside and a large, red inside. The Large Watermelon has two yellow eyes and a bright red head which sit inside the spiked collar-like indention its lower half creates. The top hat-like portion of the Large Watermelon has a jagged brim and two dark green curls that is formed by the Large Watermelon's actual stem. This stem better resembles the coloration of a typical watermelon, unlike the smaller Watermelon. This stem splits into two curls, with the smaller, left curl bearing two large, green leaves.