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Japanese 衛兵
Rōmaji Eihei
Translation Palace Guard
Homeworld Agrabah
Origin Aladdin (1992)
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

The Guards are characters which appear in Kingdom Hearts χ. They originally appeared in the animated film Aladdin and are responsible for guarding the Sultan, his royal palace, and Agrabah.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

After helping the unconscious Aladdin in the desert and visiting Agrabah, Player can talk to the Guards for the first time. The guards explain that the city is under attack of the Heartless and that the defense is not going well. The Heartless seem to be emerging from the Cave of Wonders on other side of the desert and after the attack on some of their comrades, they ask Player to follow their footsteps in the desert to find the attacker. Player arrives in time to save a guard from a Fat Bandit, who reveals that the Heartless are appearing in the royal palace.

As it turns out another Fat Bandit is already marching to the palace gates with the guards being unable to stop him. Player also defeats this one, but is repelled by an unknown Heartless. Fortunately, Aladdin arrives just in time to help Player against this new foe but before being destroyed, the Heartless vanishes.


Both guards have tan and wear a similar uniform, consisting of a white turban with a red jewel on top, a black vest decorated with a golden sash, a red belt, white baggy trousers and pointed shoes. The first guard wears a black beard and is built more muscular while the second guard is slim and a smaller.

Although never referred to by name in the game, the burlier and the slimmer of the palace guards are modeled after Razoul, captain of the royal guards, and Hakeem, another guard, respectively, from Disney's Aladdin franchise.


The Guards first appear in the Walt Disney's 1992 film, Aladdin. Though their job is mainly to enforce the Sultan's rule and act as a sort of police force in Agrabah, they also take orders from Jafar, making them into minor antagonists towards Aladdin. In the original film, the Guards appear to relish acts of sadism, demonstrated when they happily obey Jafar's order to throw Prince Ali (a disguised Aladdin) into the sea to drown, and laugh evilly in the process. In The Return of Jafar, the television series and Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the Guards have been somewhat toned down and are allies to Aladdin. The most prominent guards are Razoul, the chief guard who maintains an unfriendly rivalry with Aladdin and frequently calls him "street rat"; Fazal, a dark-colored obese guard who eats endlessly (to the point that Razoul quips that "When [Fazal] is not thinking of food, it will be time to bury him."); and Hakeem, a slim, deadpan-voiced guard frequently partnered with Fazal.