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Dark Footsteps

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"Dark Footsteps" (闇の足音 Yami no Ashioto?), also called Unchained 0[ZERO], is the ending of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. It uses in-game graphics and ends with the phrase "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts". It serves as the game's true ending and acts as a tie-in to Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Maleficent's Raven spies on Player, who recently woke up in Enchanted Dominion after dreaming that they were reunited with Ephemer and Skuld at the end of the Keyblade War.

When the raven returns to Maleficent to tell her about the visitors, she is pleased because Sora and his friends can't meddle with this world, then wonders where Pete has gone.

Characters in order of appearance[edit]


"Awakening" (English Subs) "Dark Footsteps" (English Subs)