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Auron's Statue

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Auron's Statue
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"A statue that looks exactly like Auron. It is said to hold his soul. It should be retrieved to Auron immediately."
Japanese アーロンの人形
Rōmaji Āron no Ningyō

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Auron's Statue

Auron's Statue is a key item that appears within Olympus Coliseum, in Kingdom Hearts II. It is a miniature statue of Auron and its owner has the power to control Auron, in a similar fashion to a voodoo doll. Hades exploits this use to benefit himself.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

In another attempt to destroy Hercules, Sora, Donald, and Goofy, Hades seals Auron's free will into a doll and forces him to fight Hercules in the Underdrome after Auron refuses to do so. To release Auron's will from Hades's control, Sora and company journey to the Underworld in search for the statue. Once Sora returns to the arena, he throws the doll over Auron's head and it shatters, restoring Auron's free will.