Anchor Raider

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Anchor Raider

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Katakana アンカーパイレーツ Heartless Emblem.png
Rōmaji Ankā Pairētsu
Japanese Anchor Pirates

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Anchor Raider

Kingdom Hearts III
This swashbuckler's anchor can hook onto thin air, turning it into a swinging pendulum of pain. Don't watch the anchor, though; it's that extending chain and sharp saber you need to be ready for.

Instead of trying to keep up with it, try letting your magic do the chasing for you.

The Anchor Raider is a Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III, primarily in The Caribbean.


The Anchor Raider seems to take inspiration from Captain Hook, due to the red captain's jacket and sharp metal object replacing a hand. Its anchor hand literally pierces a hole in reality, allowing it to hang down from anywhere. Its jacket has grey feathers around the collar with gold and black pads on the shoulders with additional feathers. The Anchor Raider wears a blue shirt and a white caveat. With a face similar to a white skull, this Heartless tops its outfit with a bicorn hat with the emblem on it. Its one available blue hand carries a large red sword.