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Crimson Jazz

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Crimson Jazz

Kingdom Hearts II
It chases its target with determination while scattering mines, so be wary when fighting this creature.
When its HP gets low, it places a large mine. Avoid it before it explodes. It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Hollow Bastion 30 107 298 29 16
Hollow Bastion 34 118 398 32 18
Beast's Castle 36 123 455 34 19
Olympus Coliseum 39 131 550 37 21
Agrabah 40 134 585 37 21
Hollow Bastion 45 147 775 42 24
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x0 x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x1.0

(3) MP Ball x 2
(3) Drive Ball x 4[KH II], (3) Drive Ball x 2[KH II FM]
Mega-Ether (5%)
Blazing Crystal (12%), Serenity Stone (4%)
Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah
Cup Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Titan Cup

Match 7: 2 Crimson Jazz

41 138 39 22
Goddess of Fate Cup

Match 4: 2 Crimson Jazz

53 168 48 28
Titan Paradox Cup

Match 7: 2 Crimson Jazz

80 240 70 41
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x0 x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x1.0

Crimson Jazz (クリムゾンジャズ Kurimuzon Jazu?) is an Emblem Heartless from Kingdom Hearts II.


A Crimson Jazz has a smooth, conical, red body with a Heartless emblem emblazoned on its chest and a yellow flame pattern decorating the base of its body. The top of its body flares outward and forms a jagged "collar" below the Heartless's spherical, pitch black head. It also wears a conical, red hat that is yellow on the inside and has a jagged brim and a thin, curled tip. Like many Heartless, the Crimson Jazz has glowing yellow eyes. Its seemingly useless feet sport three small, thin toes. The Crimson Jazz is one of the largest members of its family of Heartless, only contested by the likes of the Emerald Serenade and Pink Concerto.

The Crimson Jazz, like many other Heartless in its family, is named after a color—in this case, crimson, a shade of red—and a musical term—in this case, jazz.



  • Kick (蹴り Keri?): Swings body and kicks
  • Shock Wave (衝撃波 Shougekiha?): Stores energy to release shockwave
  • Mines (機雷 Kirai?): Multiple small mines appear close to target
  • Large Mines (大型機雷 Ōgata Kirai?): Three large mines follow opponent


The Crimson Jazz, the largest Heartless of its kind, it is a powerful relative to the Red Nocturne, and can be a real danger if not quickly destroyed. Like its predecessor, it utilizes Fire magic. However, its magic is more focused on surrounding and crushing the target with explosions rather than shooting flames. Crimson Jazz attacks with exploding mines that follow Sora until they explode. Even after a Crimson Jazz is destroyed, any existing mines will still follow Sora until they explode. And with magic-resistance and having the airborne trait, this Heartless can pose quite a threat. This Heartless has a small fire pattern along the bottom of himself and just appears to be a bigger version of its predecessor.

In an open area with two or more Crimson Jazzes, Sora can be pushed up very high by the chain of the their small mines exploding. For this, Sora should use Aerial Recovery and Aerial Dodge to keep himself aloft for a while. As the bombs do not do heavy damage, this can continue without great danger to Sora, sometimes happening unintentionally. Use Reflect to end the chain as fast as possible. Fire magic does not harm them, so it is not recommended to use it to inflict damage.