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Water Core

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Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it!
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Issues: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- information and stats

Water Core

Water Core from the Ultimania

Japanese ウォーターコア
Rōmaji Wōtā Koa

Type Pureblood Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
Kingdom Hearts III
Flame Core
Earth Core
Water Core

Kingdom Hearts III
Hit these sopping scoundrels while they're coated in water and they'll only teleport away. That's your cue to bring the magical heat; a Fire spell will evaporate that shield in no time.

Don't get caught out in their rain, or you'll come down with the extremely annoying cloud status.
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Olympus 60 19 9 12
(4 worlds cleared)
98 29 14 50
(6 worlds cleared)
128 36 18 106
(The Final World cleared)
160 44 22 186
(Battlegate 1)
274 73 37 706
Kingdom of Corona 98 29 14 50
Kingdom of Corona
(4 worlds cleared)
114 33 16 74
Kingdom of Corona
(6 worlds cleared)
144 40 20 142
Kingdom of Corona
(The Final World cleared)
174 48 24 236
Monstropolis 136 38 19 124
(6 worlds cleared)
152 42 21 164
(The Final World cleared)
182 50 25 262
The Caribbean 174 48 24 236
The Caribbean
(The Final World cleared)
198 54 27 322
The Caribbean
(Battlegate 10)
274 73 37 706
Scala ad Caelum 236 63 32 494
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×2.0 ×1.0 ×0.5 ×0
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny
0 ×1.1

MP prize (5) ×2, Munny (1) ×3
Soothing Shard (15%), Soothing Stone (10%)
Olympus, Kingdom of Corona, Monstropolis, The Caribbean, Scala ad Caelum

The Water Core is a Pureblood Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- and Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

In the Ravine at the base of Mount Olympus, a group of Water Cores are seen turning a normally calm and shallow river and waterfall into overflowing rapids. After the Water Cores are defeated, the area's water returns to normal.


The Water Core's main body is dark and spherical, with a small blue jagged mouth and pair of beady yellow eyes making up its face. On top of its head are a set of aqua-colored cracks, some of which connect outward from the small blue horn atop its head. From the sides of its body are a pair of bat-like wings with long arms that lead down to a set of claws. The bottom of its body is covered with jagged watery spikes which primarily extend downwards, with one larger spike sticking directly out of the bottom of its body.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

A Water Core can be electrocuted with Thunder and frozen with Blizzard, but it takes a few shots of either to slay a Water Core. Fire is the most effective choice, as it pierces through and destroys its water shield, as well as preventing the Water Core from taking action for 5 seconds. In higher levels, Water Cores can be defeated with just one or two shots of Firaga.

Technique Attribute Power Guard? Repel LV
Wave Attack (ウェーブアタック
Wēbu Atakku
Water 1.2 2
Transforms into a stream of water and charges. During this state, it is invincible to all non-Fire type attacks.
Water Shot (ウォーターショット
Wōtā Shotto
Water 0.6 per hit 2
Launches six loosely homing water projectiles.
Water Upper (ウォーターアッパー
Wōtā Appā
Water 1.5 2
Raises a water pillar directly beneath an opponent. Can be blocked from behind.
Cloud Drop (クラウドドロップ
Kuraudo Doroppu
Moves forward and sends down rain while upside-down. Has a 100% chance to inflict the Cloud status effect for 20 seconds.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.