Dark Inferno

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Dark Inferno

Dark Inferno KHIII.png

Katakana ダークインフェルノ Heartless Emblem.png
Rōmaji Dāku Inferuno

Type Pureblood Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Dark Inferno

Kingdom Hearts III
These dastardly dual-wielders are like blenders on roller skates, except worse. You can try to keep your distance, but they'll soon close in on you, or else just huck a fireball your way.

Be careful attacking when their blades are crossed; that means they're ready to counter. Stay cool, bide your time, then strike when they drop their guard.

The Dark Inferno is a Pureblood Heartless that is introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.


The Dark Inferno is a large, muscular, humanoid figure with a large, heart-shaped hole in its chest. Raised portions and ridges on its black skin give it an armored appearance. It features large, spiked horns on the sides of its head, and two more rising from its forehead which form the shape of a heart; all four horns fade from black to red to yellow, giving them the appearance of heated metal. Its tail ends in a bladed fin with a diamond-shaped hole through it. Its two-toed, clawed feet stand upon swirling vortexes of white energy, which it uses to "skate" around the battlefield. It has undersized, purple bat-like wings on its shoulders and dull purple tendrils wrapped around its throat like a scarf, which drape down on either side of its "heart." It also has tendrils wrapped around each wrist, which fade to the same burning yellow color as its horns. In each hand it holds a large blue sword with hook-like extensions near the tip and an exaggerated gold hilt with a knuckle bow.

Its name refers to its association with darkness, sharing a naming scheme with many other Pureblood Heartless, and the burning appearance of its horns and tendrils, along with its fiery attacks.


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