Silver Rock

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Silver Rock

Kingdom Hearts II
It quickly disappears into a ball of light, setting off an explosion when it reappears. Use reaction commands when it's in light form.

It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Agrabah 22 27 31 22 17
Pride Lands 26 31 44 26 14
Agrabah 40 42 117 37 21
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x0 x0.5 x1.0

(3) MP Ball x 1
(1) Munny x 2
Power Stone (6%), Bright Stone (3%)
Agrabah, Pride Lands
Cup Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Cerberus Cup

Match 4: 4 Silver Rock

28 32 27 15
Cerberus Paradox Cup

Match 4: 4 Silver Rock

70 67 62 36
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 6: 2 Silver Rock
Match 8: ? Silver Rock
Match 28: 3 Silver Rock

99 91 87 51
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x0 x0.5 x1.0

The Silver Rock (シルバーロック Shirubā Rokku?) is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II. Bearing close resemblance to its predecessors, a Silver Rock is a type of magic-using Heartless named after its color and a form of music. Despite the name "silver," Silver Rock are the white member of the family. They utilize balls of energy and light as weapons, and can teleport.

During its reaction command, Shift Shot, Sora launches the Silver Rock, in its light orb form, at another enemy. After the initial attack, the Silver Rock will begin rushing at Sora for a body slam, using the first attack again every so often.


A Silver Rock has a smooth, conical, white body with a Heartless emblem emblazoned on its chest. The top of its body flares outward and forms a jagged "collar" below the Heartless's spherical, pitch black head. It also wears a conical, reddish-brown hat with a jagged brim, silver rings decorating it, and a thin, curled tip. Like many Heartless, the Silver Rock has glowing yellow eyes. Its seemingly useless feet sport three small, thin toes.

The Silver Rock, like other members of its family of Heartless, has a name comprised of a color and musical term. In this case, the color is silver, though the Heartless itself is more prominently colored white, and the term is rock.


  • Rocket Attack (ロケットアタック Roketto Atakku?): Nosedive attack
  • Shock Wave (衝撃波 Shougekiha?): Charges in and creates shockwave
  • Teleport Attack (テレポ攻撃 Terepo Kougeki?): Warps close to target and causes explosion
  • Explosion (爆発 Bakuhatsu?): Explosion centered on self