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Icy Cube

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Icy Cube

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The Icy Cube in 358/2 Days

Katakana アイスキューブ Heartless Emblem.png
Rōmaji Aisu Kyūbu
Japanese Ice Cube

Type Emblem Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Snowy Crystal
Fiery Globe
Blizzard Lord and Volcanic Lord
Icy Cube

Kingdom Hearts II
It jumps before it attacks, making its movements easy to read.

It has little HP and is weak against fire. Use fire magic to defeat it.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
These small Heartless are encased in ice, and attack with a tackle that can be blocked and deflected, knocking them off balance.
Hit them while they're down to send them careening into other enemies, freezing them on the spot.
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Agrabah 22 24 12 21 11
Agrabah 40 42 47 37 21
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x0 x0.5 x0.5 x1.0

(1) MP Ball x1
(1) Munny x1
Frost Gem (4%)
Cup Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Cerberus Cup

Match 5: 5 Icy Cube

28 32 27 15
Cerberus Paradox Cup

Match 5: 5 Icy Cube

70 67 62 36
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 7: 3 Icy Cube

99 91 87 51
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x0 x0.5 x0.5 x1.0
Hearts Munny Stun
35 63 3 10
49 121 4 46
79 210 12 102
83 121 15 46
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x6.00 x-0.10 x0.65 x2.00
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x2.00 x0 x0 x0

Missions 15-35
Iron (20%)
Missions 36-50
Frost Shard (50%)
Missions 73-93
Frost Crystal (15%)

Beast's Castle, Halloween Town

The Icy Cube is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It resembles a large ice cube and is controlled by the Blizzard Lord. Whenever Blizzagun is used on the Blizzard Lord, it explodes into a group of Icy Cubes. The Icy Cube's counterpart is the Fiery Globe.


The Icy Cube's body is blue and spherical, with two featureless legs sprouting out of its bottom and a twisted antenna coming out of the top of its head. Its Heartless emblem is present on its forehead between its two glowing, yellow eyes. The Heartless's body is almost entirely frozen in a block of ice, save for the tips of its legs and antenna. Icy Cubes are very small Heartless.

The Icy Cube's name is a reference to its shape and attribute, as well as real-world ice cubes. It is also a contrast to the Fiery Globe's name.


  • Blizzard Attack (ブリザドアタック Burizado Atakku?): Rams target, flinging ice shards