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Emerald Serenade

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Emerald Serenade

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
These large flying Heartless travel along a set path, making ambush a useful tactic.
Their speed grows faster as their HP drops, rendering them increasingly tricky to finish off.

Hearts Munny Stun
14 40 O
64 1094 4 92
67 1264 5 112
81 1454 9 136
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x0.28 x0.28 x0.28 x0.28
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x1.50 x1.50 x1.50 x1.50

Missions 62-72
Silver (20%)
Missions 73-93
Gold (80%)

Neverland, Wonderland

The Emerald Serenade is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


An Emerald Serenade has a smooth, conical, body covered in vertical stripes that alternate from green to white. Its Heartless emblem is emblazoned on its chest. The top of its body flares outward and forms a jagged "collar" below the Heartless's spherical, pitch black head. It also wears a conical, black hat that is green on the inside and has a jagged brim and a thin, curled tip. Like many Heartless, the Emerald Serenade has glowing yellow eyes. Its seemingly useless feet sport three small, thin toes. The Emerald Serenade is one of the largest Heartless in its family, only contested by the Crimson Jazz.

Like many other Heartless in its family, the Emerald Serenade's name refers to a color—emerald green, the same as the Emerald Blues—and a musical term—a serenade, a piece of music appropriate to the evening, characteristically played outside the house of a woman, to woo her.


Emerald Serenades do not attack in any way, but remain in constant motion, becoming faster the more damage they take. They also have high HP.

The best way to defeat an Emerald Serenade is to watch the dot that represents it on the minimap as it moves along its specific and unchanging path. Roxas should then attempt to find a location along this path and remain stationary, thus allowing a chance to ambush the Heartless with a Blizzard spell whenever it comes into view. There is a strong chance that this spell will freeze the Emerald Serenade, increasing the damage it takes for a short time while keeping it stationary. This is the time to launch any physical attacks or other magic, such as Fire, Aero, or Thunder. It is important, however, that Roxas cast either Blizzara or Blizzaga well before the Heartless comes into view, as the slow casting of these spells may allow the Heartless to pass free of damage, meaning Roxas must wait for it to travel around the area a second time before another ambush attempt can be made. It is important to bring several Ethers, due to the strong reliance on magic needed when facing an Emerald Serenade.

It is highly recommended when attempting to defeat an Emerald Serenade in Mission Mode to fight as Xigbar due to his attacks' long range. Lexaeus is also a strong choice when battling an Emerald Serenade in Mission Mode, as his attacks' great strength can be devastating to the Heartless's health after it has been frozen by a Blizzard spell.