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Hover Ghost

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Hover Ghost

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Japanese リアゴースト
Rōmaji Ria Gōsuto
Translation Leer Ghost

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Search Ghost
Grand Ghost
Carrier Ghost
Living Pod
Rush Ghost
Shred Ghost
Trick Ghost (KHUχ)
Hover Ghost

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
These small flying Heartless are able to spontaneously appear behind their targets and possess them.
If you are ensnared, rapidly press buttons to shake loose.
Hover Ghosts are quick to blink out of harm's way, but negative status effects will prevent them from vanishing.

Hearts Munny Stun
16 16 O
42 304 4 25
45 304 4 25
52 304 5 25
61 381 6 38
62 304 7 25
79 333 14 31
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x4.40 x4.80 x1.80 x5.67
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x1.00 x1.00 x1.00 x1.00

Missions 36-50
Lightning Shard (40%)
Missions 51-61
Lightning Gem (30%)
Missions 62-72
Lightning Gem (5%)
Missions 73-93
Lightning Crystal (30%)

Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum
Hearts Munny Stun
16 16 O
Day 224

Round 2: 8 Hover Ghost

381 6 38
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x4.40 x4.80 x1.80 x5.67
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x1.00 x1.00 x1.00 x1.00

Games (Day 224)
Lightning Gem (30%)

The Hover Ghost is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


A Hover Ghost is a humanoid creature with white skin clad in a black coat with gold cuffs. It wears white gloves on its large, long-fingered hands, which are not directly connected to the Heartless's body and can be "thrown" at enemies. A few holes in the coat expose the creature's ribcage. Its Heartless emblem is printed on the front of its coat. The Hover Ghost's spherical head sports a jagged mouth and two yellow eyes with black spirals in them. Its right eye hangs down from its socket, attached to its head by a silver chain. It can generate spotlights from its eyes, suggesting that they may be mechanical in some fashion. The Hover Ghost's lower body is a simple, ghostly tail.

The Hover Ghost's name reflects its ability to levitate as well as its appearance, which resembles that of a stereotypical ghost. Its Japanese name, "Leer Ghost", has several possible meanings. "Leer" can refer to a malicious sideways look one gives to another, referring to the Heartless's beacon and dangling eye. It could also refer to a state of extreme wanting, which could, in turn, be a reference to ghosts that linger on because of intense worldly desires.


Hover Ghosts can prove dangerous in groups, so it is advised to stay on the move to avoid getting caught by their grabbing attack. Keep an eye out for when they teleport, then dodge and counterattack accordingly. Magic is advised, since besides taking immense damage from Aero, as well as Blizzard and Fire, inflicting status effects will prevent them from teleporting. If caught by their grab attack, make button inputs to escape before HP falls critically low.

Technique Element Status Power Block?
Hand Slam (ハンドスラム
Hando Suramu
Attack icon 0.90
Swings both hands down while scratching with its claws.
Possess (とりつき
Magic icon Flower Blind (5%) 0.18 X
Teleports behind the target and grabs forward, holding the target in place and dealing continuous damage.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.