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Runemaster KHIIFM.png

Japanese ルーンマスター
Rōmaji Rūnmasutā

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Barrier Master

Kingdom Hearts II
A Heartless that utilizes three powerful magic elements.

When attacking this enemy, keep in mind that its book acts as a shield.
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Radiant Garden
Cavern of Remembrance
109 50 29 600
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.25 ×0.25
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0 ×0 ×1.0

Munny (10) ×2
Remembrance Gem (10%), Serenity Gem (4%), Akashic Record+ (1%)
Radiant Garden

The Runemaster is an Emblem Heartless introduced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


A Runemaster is a rather small Heartless that wears long, white robes with black and lilac highlights that cover its feet. It also wears a tall, cylindrical, black and grey hat with a white brim and what seem to be black gloves. Its collar is rather high and yellow. The only parts of the Heartless not covered by clothing are its spherical, blue head and yellow, glowing eyes. All Runemasters hold a book known as the Akashic Record+.

The Runemaster's name holds a similar meaning to that of the Bookmaster, and references magical runes.


Runemasters are unable to take damage from the front and will be blocked by the book, causing Sora's attack to be deflected. Since it is also immune to magic like the Bookmaster, the only way to defeat it is by attacking from behind. Trying to "chase its tail" can be a challenge because the Runemaster will try its best to keep its back away from Sora. Rapid attacks from Final Form makes the process much easier as it can rapidly attack the Runemaster from the front without the attacks being deflected. Reflect Magic is also a good way to defeat it, as the spray of light ignores protection.

Technique Element Status Power Guard?
Fire (ファイア
Fire x0.5
Launches homing fireballs forward sequentially, in patterns of 5 (successive) → 3 (successive) → 5 (successive).
Blizzard (ブリザド
Blizzard x0.5
Launches ice balls forward sequentially, in patterns of 2 (successive) → 2 (simultaneous) twice → 3 (simultaneous) twice.
Thunder (サンダー
Thunder x0.5
Ten thunderbolts appear over the opponent and rain down on them sequentially.
Book Strike (ブックストライキ
Bukku Sutoraiki
Physical x0.5
Strikes twice with book, knocking opponents back.
Book Strike 2 (ブックストライキ2
Bukku Sutoraiki 2
Physical x0.25
Strikes four times with book, staggering opponents.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.