Marine Rumba

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Marine Rumba

Kingdom Hearts III
These watery wizards swim through the air with the grace of the majestic trout. Before casting magic, they'll come to a stop and summon spheres of water, leaving themselves open to attack.

Think fast if they do start conjuring, because the speed of their spells is no joke!

Nothing dries them up faster than a zap of Thunder magic. If you've got the MP to spare, use it to give 'em a thousand-volt jolt!

The Marine Rumba is a Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.


The Marine Rumba has a smooth, conical blue body, with lighter blue dots lining it, with the Heartless symbol on its chest. The top of its body flares outward and forms a "collar" of sorts, covering its pitch black head with it's white and blue hat. Like many Heartless, it has glowing yellow eyes, and like many of its relatives, two seemingly useless feet with three thin toes.

Like other Heartless in its family, the Marine Rumba's name comes from a color-marine, a shade of blue- and a musical term-rumba, a term used to describe several types of music, but most commonly referring to Cuban or Cubanized types of dance in Latin America.

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