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Focus Popcat

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Focus Popcat

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Japanese フォーカスポップ
Rōmaji Fōkasu Poppu
Translation Focus Pop

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Vitality Popcat
Magic Popcat
Munny Popcat
Focus Popcat

Kingdom Hearts III
Smash these blue Popcats to get at the bounty of Focus prizes inside. Invigorating!
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Toy Box 45 27 13 19
Toy Box
(4 worlds cleared)
53 31 15 30
Toy Box
(6 worlds cleared)
68 38 19 62
Toy Box
(The Final World cleared)
83 46 23 105
Arendelle 72 40 20 71
(6 worlds cleared)
80 44 22 93
(The Final World cleared)
95 52 26 146
Scala ad Caelum 118 63 32 247
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny
0 ×1.1

Focus prize (3) ×4, Focus prize (5) ×2
Wellspring Stone (8%), Hungry Shard (8%), Hungry Stone (4%)
Toy Box, Arendelle, Scala ad Caelum

The Focus Popcat is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.


The Focus Popcat appears as a slim feline-like Heartless with black fur and beige skin that shows in its face and ears. Its face contains a pair of beady yellow eyes and a zig-zagged mouth which extends upward in the middle. On its sharply curled tail is a set of orange stripes, the same color which is also seen on its stub feet and the tips of its ears.

When inactive, the Focus Popcat hides in a crimson pot an orange zig-zag pattern that protrudes downwards into symbols that appear as a fusion between diamonds and an upside down triangle, with the interior of the diamond being colored white. Additional orange diamond shapes extend upward from the bottom of the pot. In the middle of the pot is its Heartless emblem. After becoming active, the Focus Popcat will keep the pot attached to its upper body as it runs around with its head, torso, and legs exposed.


Focus Popcats are unthreatening on their own, and as such they tend to appear in groups. They will hide in their pots to attempt to blend in with the background, but their pots are distinctive and they're easily seen when they peek their eyes from under the pot. When close enough, they will jump and slash at Sora, but this attack is slow and easily dodged.

Focus Popcats have low defense and health, and the group can easily be defeated before they can finish their first attack by using a couple casts of Thunder or Aero magic. Focus Popcats will always drop Focus prizes, making it viable to use shotlocks against the group of Popcats as the Focus gauge can be sufficiently recharged.


Technique Attribute Power Guard? Repel LV
Pot Shake (ツボぶんぶん
Tsubo Bunbun
Physical 1.0 2
Hides its head in its pot and swings it at the target.
Giant Claw Scratch (巨大ツメ引っかき
Kyodai Tsume Hikkaki
Physical 1.5 2
Jumps at the target and scratches with both hands. Always uses this attack when encountered.
Small Pot Bomb (小ツボ爆弾
Ko Tsubo Bakudan
Neutral 1.0 2
Launches a small pot at the target. Has a 50% chance to inflict the Sneeze status effect for 15 seconds.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.