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King Candy

The King Candy<span style="font-weight: normal">&#32;(<span class="t_nihongo_kanji" style="white-space:nowrap" lang="ja" xml:lang="ja">キャンディ大王</span><span class="t_nihongo_comma" style="display:none">,</span>&#32;<i>Kyandi Daiō</i><span class="t_nihongo_help noprint"><sup><span class="t_nihongo_icon" style="color: #00e; font: bold 80% sans-serif; text-decoration: none; padding: 0 .1em;">?</span></sup></span>)</span> boss of Candy Kingdom from Quest 975.

Japanese キャンディ大王
Rōmaji Kyandi Daiō
Homeworld Candy Kingdom
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
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KHUχ tracks
Battle theme - Eye of the Storm
King Candy

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
He has an attack that poisons and paralyzes you, one that lowers your strength, and he counters when his count hits 0! Upright Medals aren't very effective.

King Candy is a boss fought in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. After he is eaten by a Cy-Bug, King Candy merges with it to confront Wreck-It Ralph and Player in a final battle.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]


As a Cy-Bug, King Candy is about 30 feet long. His body is insectoid with an extendable neck, a purple shell, an orange underbelly, four orange legs with purple stripes, two orange pincers, four pink wings, and purple arms with white cufflinks. His hands are pink with four digits tipped with purple claws.

His head can alternate between Turbo and King Candy, though King Candy seems to be the default face. While Turbo's face remains the same, King Candy's appears more monstrous; his teeth are sharper, his hair is more unkempt, and his head has jagged purple markings.