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Captain Barbossa

Captain Barbossa KHII.png

Japanese バルボッサ
Rōmaji Barubossa
Translation Barbossa
Origin Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Game Kingdom Hearts II
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KHII tracks
Battle theme - Vim and Vigor

Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Port Royal
Episode 1
612 21 11 0
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.75 ×0.75
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0.75 ×0.75 ×0.75

Sora: Drive gauge +1, Aerial Finish, Follow the Wind
Goofy: Max HP +5, Teamwork, Auto Limit
Jack Sparrow: Max HP +15
Port Royal
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Port Royal
Episode 1
612 21 11 0
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.75 ×0.75
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0.75 ×0.75 ×1.0

Sora: Drive gauge +1, Aerial Finish, Follow the Wind
Goofy: Max HP +5, Teamwork, Auto Limit
Jack Sparrow: Max HP +15
Port Royal

Captain Barbossa is a boss in Kingdom Hearts II, located in Port Royal. He must be fought alongside the Illuminators. If Jack Sparrow is defeated during this fight, the battle is automatically lost.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Barbossa's difficulty depends on the player's strategy. The game will end immediately if Jack perishes, which is why it is imperative that the player equip his abilities—No Mercy, Rain Storm, Bone Smash and the limit Treasure Isle—before the battle begins.

Barbossa is assisted by a special Heartless called the Illuminator. It creates darkness in the room, and must be eliminated first so that the cursed Barbossa can be damaged. Be careful, as the room will be very dark and Barbossa can attack from anywhere without warning. Look out for a pair of glowing eyes in the gloom, then run towards them and attack the Heartless until its slain. Barbossa can now be fought normally. After a while a new Illuminator will appear and, once again, it must be dispatched so that the fight can continue. It must be noted that the shaded parts of the cave do act as areas where Barbossa is protected from the moonlight, meaning that the player must be conscious of where they take the fight.

There are two sets of Reaction Commands available in this battle. The first, Twin Counter, is used in conjunction with Jack. It becomes available when Barbossa says "Once again Jack!" while he targets Jack. It launches a powerful launching attack against Barbossa, and leads into Sonic Dive, which Jack assists Sora in making a high leap toward the now airborne Barbossa, attacking upwards as Barbossa is sent falling. Barbossa will always land in the center of the room, by the treasure chest, after this attack. The second, Land, can be activated during Barbossa's Combo Attack in which he says "Here, try a taste o' this!", available when he is low on health. Sora steps on Barbossa's blade, effectively disarming him. After this reaction, a short battle cinematic shows Barbossa reaching for his pistol, and the follow-up Reverse Blade command becomes available, which causes Sora to grab his Keyblade in a reverse grip and smack Barbossa backwards before he can fire. The second Reaction Command has some risk, and if Land is not used quickly enough, Barbossa lunges at either Jack or Sora. If Reverse Blade is failed, Sora will be shot in the head for massive damage. Use the Reaction Commands at all times, as they give time to use Cure, or allow the player to use a Potion.

When low on health, Barbossa mostly staggers around the area, leaving him open to attack. His most often taken action is a rapid sword attack to the other side of the room, damaging anyone in the way.

Wisdom Form is extremely effective against Barbossa, due to his vulnerability against magic, which includes staggering from Thunder or freezing to Blizzard, and the form's long-ranged capabilities. Stay a good distance away from Barbossa, and cast Blizzard. This should freeze him for about five seconds where he can be pelted by Wisdom Form's shots safely. If Thunder is used instead, it should be done continuously, where he'd keep staggering in midair. When Sora reverts, Ether(s) should be used if MP Charge is active, then activate Jack's Limit command 'Bluff'. This should be enough to completely finish Barbossa off, and if done quickly enough, will not give him enough time to summon another Illuminator. Keep this strategy up and it is possible to achieve victory in under a minute. It is recommended that Sora equips the Blizzard Boost or Thunder Boost ability if he has it.

Alternately, once the Illuminator is defeated, immediately activate Valor Form with your two most powerful Keyblades (including the Hero's Crest) and unleash a flurry of aerial combos for maximum damage. If you're good enough, you can stop him from actually attacking you with his sword, and with the Air Combo Boost from Hero's Crest, your aerial combos will inflict more damage than your normal ones. Once you revert, use Cure at once to replenish any lost HP. Keep this strategy up and you'll win before too long. You can also use Thunder on Barbossa, as it will send him in the air, stunned, looking like he has been electrocuted. Now is a good time to use an air combo.

Due to Jack being a required party member for this fight, it is impossible for Sora to enter AntiForm.

Weaknesses aside, Barbossa is still dangerous nonetheless. His most basic attack where he lunges forward slashing can knock Sora into the air, and is often followed by a pistol shot that is unblockable, so close quarters combat is not a particularly good idea. At medium range he can throw bombs on the ground; at longer range he'll often shoot his pistol. If the player cannot stop him from attacking at all, then his attention should be directed away from Jack as much as possible to lower the possibility of failure. On the other hand, Barbossa is one of the only bosses in the game that can be prevented from attacking, with the right timing of Magic casts, making him humorously easy with the right strategy. Upon victory, Sora receives the Follow the Wind Keyblade.

Technique Element Status Power Guard?
Rushing Cut (突進斬り
Tosshin Kiri
Physical x1.5
Hit 2+: x0.25
Slashes twice while charging forward quickly.
Chasing Cut (追い打ち斬り
Oiuchi Kiri
(Hit & Elbow) Physical x0 X

(Cut) Physical x2.0 X
(Second-phase attack) Physical x2.5
Hit 2+: x0.5
Staggers the opponent with an elbow blow, then follows with two cuts.
Combo Attack (連続攻撃
Renzoku Kōgeki
(Swing 1-7) Physical x0.5
Hit 2+: x0.25

(Swing 8-9) Physical x2.0
Hit 3+: x0.5
Slashes three times, stabs four times, then slashes twice more.
Used at low HP.
Bomb (爆弾
Fire x1.0 X
Throws three bombs that explode after four seconds.
Gunshot (銃撃
Neutral x1.5 X
Takes out gun and fires.
Usually used right after the Illuminator has been taken out once.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.
Reaction Commands
Reaction Command Element Power Description
Twin Counter (ツインカウンタ
Tsuin Kaunta
Physical x3.0[KH II]
x2.0[KH II FM]
Can be used when Barbosssa targets Jack with the Hit & Elbow portion of his Chasing Cut attack.
Prevent the next attack from hitting Jack and counter by having Jack spin Sora around to knock Barbossa into the air.
Sonic Dive (ソニックダイブ
Sonikku Daibu
Physical x10.0[KH II]
x4.0[KH II FM]
Can be used after using Twin Counter.
Leap from Jack's shoulder and slam the Keyblade into Barbossa while he is airborne.
Land (ランディング
?, lit. "Landing")
Can be used when near Barbossa as he momentarily rests after Combo Attack's three slashes and four stabs.
Step on Barbossa's sword to stop his combo.
Reverse Blade (リバースエッジ
Ribāsu Ejji
?, lit. "Reverse Edge")
Physical x5.0[KH II]
X4.0[KH II FM]
Can be used after using Land.
Strike Barbosssa before he can fire his gun. Acts as a finisher.


Captain Barbossa & Illuminator – Kingdom Hearts II

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