Jafar (Genie)

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Jafar (Genie)

Jafar (Genie) KHII.png

Katakana ジャファー魔人化 Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Jafā Majinka
Homeworld Agrabah
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
Jafar (Genie)

Kingdom Hearts
With his last wish he became an all-powerful Genie himself, but he forgot that all genies share the same fate: To serve whoever controls their lamp. In the end, his lamp became his prison.

He played the villain in "Aladdin" (1992).
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Sora's Story
Jafar's genie form.

After taking the magic lamp from Aladdin, Jafar wished for the powers of a genie and tried to do us in.

A sorcerer and also Agrabah's royal vizier, transformed by magic.

Jafar appeared before Riku as a token of the indelible darkness in his heart.
Kingdom Hearts II
Aladdin (1992)

When he was master of the lamp, Jafar used his last wish to become an all-powerful genie. He was imprisoned in the lamp, but eventually made his escape, thanks to the Peddler.

Jafar then used his magical power to grow to a colossal size. He tried to take over Agrabah, but Sora and his friends defeated him once more.
Kingdom Hearts coded
Jafar, after using Pete’s fake lamp to transform. The beams he shoots will afflict you with Slow, but you can turn the tables; block the beams and bounce them toward Iago to slow the bird down and create an opportunity to strike.
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Aladdin (1992)
An all-powerful genie. Jafar steals the lamp and uses his final wish to achieve this transformation.
Before rescue After
HP 750 N/A
Attack 18 N/A
Defense 15 N/A
MP recovery 29 N/A
EXP 730 N/A
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0 x0.5 x0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x0.04 x0.3 x0.5 x0.5

Power of fire
Ansem's Report 1[1]
Floor Basement HP AP EXP

2 11 548 6 232
3 10 597 8 372
4 9 646 10 511
5 8 695 12 651
6 7 744 14 790
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Neutral
x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x0.5 x0.5
Gravity Stun Stop Warp
x0 x0 x0 x0
Bind Confuse Terror Magnet Freeze
x0 x0 x0

Attack Bracer
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Stop enemies from breaking attack cards you use.
Duration Cost Values Duel Time
20 attacks 65 CP cards s
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Agrabah 40 840[2] 0 37 21
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x0.5 x0.5 x0.5 x0.5 x0.5

Fire Element (Sora)

World HP Strength Defense
Agrabah 201 71 95
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x0.20 x0.20 x0.20 x0.20
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
Slow Stop Confuse Stun Magnet
X[3] X X X X
Olympus Coliseum

Jafar is a boss that is found in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. He is one of the bosses at Agrabah, and assumes a Genie form.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

The all-powerful genie Jafar became by using the power of the magic lamp. He sought to conquer Agrabah, and with Iago at his side nearly triumped over Sora. In the end, though, he was imprisoned within his own lamp.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Having assumed the form of a gigantic genie, Jafar picks up massive fireballs to throw at the party. Sora can do damage with his new Blizzara spell, but it is wiser to aim for the lamp, which Iago carries around the room. Lock onto the lamp carried by Iago to attack it repeatedly. To avoid damage from Jafar's fireball attacks, use Dodge Roll, and cast Aero on Donald and Goofy. Alternatively, Sora may use Guard to fend off the fireball attacks. Upon victory, Fire is upgraded to Fira and Ansem Report 1 is obtained.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[edit]

Sora's Story[edit]

Jafar uses the same moves as he does in Kingdom Hearts, but with more time in between attacks. Just as in the first game, attacking Jafar will not deal any damage: Sora has to hit Iago, who is carrying the lamp. As Sora cannot use Guard in this battle, it is best to Dodge Roll away from his fireballs, or break Jafar's cards. Keep any Sleights to use for the lamp. Like all other boss battles, heal when necessary.


In Reverse/Rebirth, keep the King Mickey card as the third card for a sleight if Riku's HP is running low and he cannot break Jafar's attacks. Also, the Maleficent enemy card can help, as it boosts Riku's strength without slowing down his reload speed (since Riku can reload his cards instantly). It is recommended to refrain from entering Dark Mode, as the auto-target will land on Jafar and Riku will attempt to attack him instead of the lamp.

Deck statistics[edit]

Attack card
Jafar (Genie) (card).png


Attack Power Element Card value Description Card
Shake Off (振り払い Furiharai?) x1.2 Physical 7, 8[SS]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Left Hook (左フック Hidari Fukku?) x1.2 Fire 7, 8[SS]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Knuckle Hammer (ナックルハンマー?) x1.5 Fire 7, 8[SS]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Lava Toss (溶岩投げ Yōgan Nage?) x2.0 Fire 0, 2–7[SS]
0, 2, 5, 8[R/R]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Beam (ビーム?) x1.0 Thunder 0, 2–7[SS]
0, 5, 8[R/R]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png
Wrathful Beam (怒りビーム Ikari Bīmu?) x1.0 Thunder 7, 8[SS]
Jafar (Genie) (card).png

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

"Defeat Jafar! Dodge his attacks by using the Magic Carpet to speed up!"
—The Pause screen

Sora fights Jafar in the sky above Agrabah. The entire field can be exploited to ones' advantage. However, one may be left at a disadvantage because Sora fights Jafar while flying around on the Carpet, and this might create some maneuverability issues. Beware of the buildings/debris that encircle Jafar—they deal substantial damage to Sora.

Jafar has several attacks in this battle—a fist swing, fireballs, lightning bolts (signified by Jafar saying "Cham Dabadabada"), pillars (only when he has the hand aura), and capturing and immobilizing Sora, making him unable to move (and invincible to the fist swing). All of these attacks can be guarded with Reflect magic.

Unlike previous battles against Jafar, Sora now attack him directly instead of attacking his lamp. Jafar has two weak points, notably the head and the torso. Depleting Jafar's torso health will leave him stunned and activate a Reaction Command that will allow Sora to spin Jafar around and stun him even longer. Attacking the head without stunning him first is possible, but not recommended, as Jafar will likely stun and repel Sora before he can perform any finishers to do real damage. Sora can also attack his hands, but it is quite dangerous.

Every now and then (usually when he snares Sora), Jafar will shift Sora to another dimension. Debris will be flung against Sora and if he does not guard himself against it, his HP will be greatly reduced. This can be avoided, however, by flying around (mainly in circles as well as up and down) constantly. Sora will get hit, but not as much as he would remaining idle. Sora can also completely avoid this part by casting Reflect when Jafar says, "You will never escape". Use physical attacks as much as possible, and heal when necessary.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Sora battles Jafar after entering the Keyhole in Episode 5 of Kingdom Hearts coded. Iago is also present during the fight and holds Jafar's lamp.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

In this battle, Data-Sora must again attack Iago who is holding the lamp, instead of Jafar. He is fought in two phases.

During the first phase of the battle, Iago will just fly around the arena while Jafar attacks Sora by throwing fireballs and "blinking" a purple orb. The fireball will deal major damage, so be prepared to dodge it. The purple ball can inflict Slow on Sora making moving around difficult, so be sure to dodge this attack. Jafar will also summon two Bandits.

During the second phase of the battle, bug blox will appear around the arena, providing steppingstones needed for Data-Sora to reach Iago. Iago will be exhausted on the second phase and he will stay in one of the corners of the arena. Jump all the way above and strike him. If enough damage is dealt, he will fly at a high speed away from Sora. So he must chase Iago down to deal more damage. This time, Jafar won't use the purple orb nor summon any Bandits anymore. Instead, he uses a new attack in which he throws a fireball above, only to fall down to Data-Sora without warning. Be sure to heal when necessary.


Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD 1.5 ReMIX)
Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (HD 1.5 ReMIX)
Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts II
Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts coded Jafar (Genie)—Kingdom Hearts Re:coded


  • In Kingdom Hearts II, before the battle with the Jafar Genie began, he did his hand motions from the original Aladdin movie before he became imprisoned.
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, Jafar was destroyed first, and then his lamp melted away. However, in The Return of Jafar, the reverse occurs: Jafar's lamp was destroyed, and then Jafar himself.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. Iago drops (1) HP Ball x 5 and (5) HP Ball x 3 if hit with a combo finisher while resting, and drops (2) MP Ball x 5 and (15) MP Ball x 3 if hit with another combo finisher while there are still HP Balls on the ground.
  2. Jafar's stomach has only 93 HP, and his aura has only 51 HP.
  3. Only affected when Iago is hit by Jafar's Delay Beam.

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