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Jafar (Cobra)

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Jafar (Cobra) Image

Japanese ジャファー
Rōmaji Jafā
Homeworld Agrabah
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Jafar (Genie)
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KHUχ tracks
Battle theme - Shrouding Dark Cloud

Jafar has the power to transform into a monstrous cobra, one that is fought as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

As Player and Aladdin return to Agrabah to stop Jafar, the latter is asking Jasmine to become his queen. When she denies him, Jafar attempts to use Genie to force Jasmine to fall madly in love with him. Seeing Aladdin sneak into the throne room, Jasmine pretends that Jafar's wish worked to buy Aladdin time to steal back the lamp, but Iago sees spots them and warns Jafar. The latter transforms himself into the giant cobra and battles Aladdin and Player. The vizier manages to get the upper hand and constricts Aladdin and Player, only to be tricked by Aladdin into wishing to become a genie himself, as Genie's power still outweighed his own.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts V CAST[edit]

Jafar's Cobra form appears in the non-canonical Kingdom Hearts V CAST. He uses this transformation to fight Sora.