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This article is about the Nobody.
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Katakana バーサーカー Nobody.png
Rōmaji Bāsākā

Type High-ranking Nobody
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts II
A berserker. A high-ranking Nobody. Its attacks are hard to read as it is dragged around by a cursed hammer.

Attacks from the front will only be parried by its hammer. Knock it down to make it let go of the hammer. Then pick up the hammer to unleash a flurry of attacks with Berserk.
Kingdom Hearts III
Is the Nobody swinging the hammer, or the hammer swinging the Nobody? Reading its attacks can be tricky, but each blow hits like a truck, so steer clear of that hammer unless you're interested in air travel.

Oh, and if you see its body shrink and its hammer grow, a combo's coming your way. Think fast!
Location Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Twilight Town 28 160 255 27 15
Twilight Town 47 238 860 43 25
The World That Never Was 50 250 1000 45 26
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

(3) MP Ball x6[KH II]
(1) MP Ball x2[KH II FM], (3) MP Ball x2[KH II FM]
Dense Crystal (12%), Serenity Crystal (4%)[KH II]
Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Cup Level HP EXP Strength Defense
Titan Cup

Match 3: 2 Berserker
Match 9: 2 Berserker

41 215 39 22
Titan Paradox Cup

Match 3: 2 Berserker
Match 9: 2 Berserker

80 375 70 41
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 31: 1 Berserker
Match 36: 3 Berserker

99 453 87 51
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
(Battlegate 9)
2192 73 37 999
Scala ad Caelum 944 63 32 865
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×0.7 ×0.7 ×0.7 ×0.7
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×0.7 ×0.7 ×1.0 ×0.8
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny
25 ×1.1 24

MP prize (5) ×4, Munny (10) ×3
Betwixt Crystal (73%), Hungry Crystal (18%), Evanescent Crystal (9%)
Arendelle, Scala ad Caelum

The Berserker is a high-ranking Nobody controlled by Saïx that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

On Sora, Donald, and Goofy's second visit to Twilight Town, they rescue Seifer, Fuu and Rai from a swarm of Dusks and Berserkers. The heroes' victory prompts Seifer to bestow upon them the Struggle Trophy as a sign of respect.

As Kairi and Naminé attempt to escape the Castle That Never Was, they are stopped by Saïx, who steps forth with two Berserkers behind him. Saïx tries to persuade Kairi and Naminé to stop trying to escape, but when they refuse he prepares to attack. However, Riku suddenly appears, and slashes one of the Berserkers in the back, effectively defeating it. The other Berserker seems to have left once Riku defeats the first one.


The Berserker has a well-muscled, bronze-colored upper body, with thin upper arms. Its forearms are mostly covered in large, cylindrical, silver gauntlets, while its blocky hands are black. Its waist and upper legs are silver, while its lower legs are cylindrical and grey. The silver and grey halves of its legs are separated by a steel blue knee brace. Its head is rather small, black, and cylindrical. It wears a silver helmet on its head, which also sports a small, steel blue diamond on its front.

A silver Nobody symbol is placed on its left pectoral muscle. It wields a large, bronze, T-shaped hammer with a long, black handle as a weapon. Like all other Nobodies, Berserkers have astounding levels of flexibility, and they also have the somewhat unique ability to shrink drastically in size.

In Kingdom Hearts III, they have a slightly different color scheme; they now dress primarily in white with light gray accents, more similar to their original artwork.

The Berserker is based on the eponymous job class from Final Fantasy. The word "berserker" is, in turn, derived from the Viking warriors called "berserkers", meaning "bear serk", the name of the clothing they wore. These Viking berserkers were infamous for fighting in a violent rage, recklessly charging at their enemies without armor or any other protection, and seemingly without concern for their own health.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The Berserker has very strong attacks and has an equally strong defense, making it one of the most powerful and time-consuming Nobodies not in Organization XIII. The Berserker appears in one of two ways; the first manner (and the much more common of the two) is appearing without its hammer, though it shall quickly appear in front of it. If Sora is between a Berserker and its hammer, damage will be dealt, so attacking at this time is risky. The Berserker's second style of appearing is jumping down from mid-air, severely damaging and knocking back anything below it when it lands. Its attacks include mighty swings of its hammer that will knock Sora far from them. The Berserker will also often shrink itself down and hang onto its hammer before crashing down multiple times. This can be almost impossible to avoid, although using Quick Run is the best bet. A well-timed Reflect also protects against this attack.

Moving in for a head-on attack can be risky, so the proper strategy is needed. First, attack with a combo; if successful, the Berserker should be separated from its hammer. Then grab the hammer and use the Reaction Command "Berserk", "Eclipse", and "Magna Storm". Continue this until the Berserker has been defeated. Using one hammer can also be used to defeat multiple Berserkers when using its Reaction Commands.

If in The World That Never Was, use Riku's Limit Eternal Session to finish the job. Another useful way to defeat Berserkers is to come in close, reflect its attacks with Reflect spells or the Guard ability, and then use its separated hammer's Reaction Commands. Using this tactic will greatly diminish the Berserker's health, as well as any other enemies that are captured with it.

Long-range magic is also very effective in combat with Berserkers. A good strategy of this kind would be to use Wisdom Form, for its MP-free, long-range attacks and accuracy. Its attacks can hit an attacking Berserker from afar, which takes away the risk of being parried and countered. When the Berserker begins attacks, dodging, getting afar, and using Trinity Limit is also very effective.

Alternatively, Thunder or Blizzard spells can be used at a distance to help preserve HP and deal large amounts of damage. A Magnet spell followed by a Limit or Thunder can be used to finish the battle or greatly weaken a group of Berserkers.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Technique Attribute Power Guard? Repel LV
Hammer Pull (ハンマー引き寄せ
Hanmā Hikiyose
Physical 1 2
Pulls a nearby hammer towards itself.
Spin Kick (回転蹴り
Physical 2 3
Kicks while spinning around its hammer's shaft.
Round-Trip Charge (往復突進
Ōfuku Tosshin
Physical 1.5 x 2 hits
Turns and charges at the target.
Jump Attack (ジャンプ攻撃
Janpu Kōgeki
Physical 1.5 2
Leaps directly overhead its target and drops straight down.
Hammer Dance (ハンマー乱舞
Hanmā Ranbu
(strike) Physical 0.3 x 10 hits 2

(swing) Physical 1.5 x 2 hits 2
(drop) Physical 2 3
Slams its enlarged hammer into the ground repeatedly, swings it, then drops down from the air.

When attacking Bersekers, it is suggested to attack from behind as their hammer will block any attacks without guard pierce. Their Spin Kick attack, as well as the drop of their Hammer Dance attack, can be blocked to allow the usage of Risk Dodge.