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Reality Shift

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In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, using Reality Shifts has the user dive into the bottom screen.

Reality Shift (リアリティシフト Riariti Shifuto?) is a gameplay element that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. When an enemy or a certain object in the field is marked by a pink, oval-shaped reticule, the player can press A and X simultaneously[1], press ZL[2] or swipe downwards on the touchscreen to activate the Reality Shift, which requires players to complete an action on the Nintendo 3DS's touchscreen. Reality Shifts can be used to damage nearby enemies or to interact with the field, often allowing access to new areas. When the Reality Shift is activated, Sora or Riku dives into the bottom screen[3], and the action on the top screen is paused until the action is completed; furthermore, the character does not take damage until the Reality Shift is completed.

Each playable world in Dream Drop Distance has at least one Reality Shift associated with it.

List of Reality Shifts[edit]

Name Description Obtained
RS Sprite Slingshot KH3D.png
The targeted enemy or object appears in a bubble which can be dragged around the touchscreen to move a targeting reticule. Upon release, the enemy or object is flung across the field to the targeted point, inflicting significant damage to the flung object and damaging any enemies or objects nearby. As such, it can be used to reveal Treasure Chests by destroying stacks of boxes or packages. Traverse Town
RS Sprite Faithline KH3D.png
Hōrī Rōpu
lit. "Holy Rope")
When used on an enemy, blue and white icons appear on the touchscreen, representing the enemies on the field. The player must draw a continuous line connecting the icons. Once finished, the line becomes a rope connecting the Dream Eaters, and Sora or Riku slide along the rope, dealing damage to the Dream Eaters along the way. If a loop is created with the rope, Sora or Riku will make two circuits around the loop, dealing extra damage.

Faithline can also be used on the floating white orbs that appear throughout La Cité des Cloches to quickly traverse large distances or reach out-of-the-way places on the field map.

During Riku's battle against Wargoyle, activating Faithline creates demon-head icons on the touchscreen. Using the icons to draw a loop around the Bullet Gargoyle will deal damage to it, and also prompt a Flowmotion command that will do extensive damage.

La Cité des Cloches
RS Sprite Code Break KH3D.png
Kōdo Bureiku
Lines of ever-changing data appear on the touchscreen. Occasionally, specific colored words or word fragments appear within the data. The player can tap these keywords to freeze them onscreen. When all the necessary words of a single color have been tapped, a subroutine determined by the combined keyword appears on the top screen, then disappears as it takes effect.

There are several subroutines than can be activated, some only against certain targets. For example, "SWITCH TARGET" can cause a Dream Eater, Black Guard, or turret to attack your enemies.

The Grid
RS Sprite Bubble Burst KH3D.png
Poppingu Baburu
?, lit. "Popping Bubble")
The target appears on the outside of a ring on the touchscreen. The player must pull the bubble in the center of the ring in the opposite direction of the target to spray bubbles at it as it moves. After the target has been sprayed for long enough, it is enveloped in a bubble and returns to the top screen. Sora or Riku then stands on top of the bubble, which can be moved freely around the field, picking up other objects or Dream Eaters by touching them. The bubble can then be burst with the attack command or the jump command, the latter enabling a superjump Flowmotion.

After the first phase of Sora's battle against the Chill Clawbster, the player is required to use Bubble Burst on Monstro in order to continue the battle.

Prankster's Paradise
RS Sprite Wonder Comic KH3D.png
Wandā Komikku
The target appears in the center of a Three Musketeers comic book on the touchscreen. The player must swipe the touchscreen in the manner and direction indicated by arrows that appear on the page, in a straight motion or a spiraling motion. After a few of these, the target will be launched back to the field.

During Sora's battle against Pete and the Beagle Boys, the player is required to use Wonder Comic on the three Beagle Boys after each has been defeated to force Pete to join the battle, and then again against Pete to finish the battle.

Country of the Musketeers
Melody Catcher spirte
?, lit. "Fantasmic")
The player must complete a rhythm game on the touchscreen, tapping the blue icons and dragging the purple icon with the correct timing. Each successful action launches fireworks to the top screen, damaging nearby enemies.

Melody Catcher is used on wine goblets or musical notes that appear in different locations across Symphony of Sorcery to change the nearby environment in various ways, such as creating cloud platforms and rainbow paths or changing the weather.

Symphony of Sorcery
Nightmare's End spirte
Naitomea Bureiku
?, lit. "Nightmare Break")
The player must swipe through the white chains on the touchscreen as they move across the screen in three swipes or less. When done successfully, an image of Riku appears, Sora and Riku each summon a colorful Keyblade, and they combine the two to form the Combined Keyblade, which they swing together in a series of enormous sword strokes.

Sora can use Nightmare's End to destroy tall skyscrapers in his path, including during his battle with Xemnas.

The World That Never Was
(Side: Sora)
RS Sprite Mirage Split KH3D.png
Mirāju Supuritto
The player must swipe through the white pods on the touchscreen as they move across the screen in three swipes or less. When done successfully, an image of Sora appears, Sora and Riku each summon a colorful Keyblade, and they combine the two to form the Combined Keyblade, which they swing together in a series of enormous sword strokes.

Riku can use Mirage Split to activate a number of devices in the World That Never Was, which open new areas. Mirage Split must be used during the battle against Young Xehanort after his health has been depleted during the first stage of the battle.

The World That Never Was
(Side: Riku)
Dream Line spirte
Supiritto Rōpu
?, lit. "Spirit Rope")
Dreamline is used on Riku's Komory Bat to quickly traverse the Brink of Despair. The player must tap the Spirit Dream Eater symbol. Once finished, a rope stretches between Riku's Komory Bat and Sora's Meow Wow, allowing Riku to enter the Castle that Never Was. The World That Never Was
(Side: Riku - Used with Riku's Komory Bat at the Brink of Despair.)


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Triangle and Circle in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
  2. ^ Requires a Circle Pad Pro accessory or a New 3DS system.
  3. ^ In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, they instead raise their Keyblades followed by a flash of light.