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Japanese リーパー
Rōmaji Rīpā

Type High-ranking Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III
That scythe isn't your only worry; these floral fiends have a punishing petal attack as well. And a trio of Reapers can team up to bloom-bomb a much broader area.

Their flower bud form may be immune to normal attacks, but as a rule, plants don't fare well against magical flames.
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Kingdom of Corona 147 29 14 63
Kingdom of Corona
(4 worlds cleared)
171 33 16 93
Kingdom of Corona
(6 worlds cleared)
216 40 20 178
Kingdom of Corona
(The Final World cleared)
261 48 24 295
(Battlegate 9)
411 73 37 883
Keyblade Graveyard 102 55 28 177
Scala ad Caelum 354 63 32 618
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×1.5 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×0.5
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×0.8
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny
0 6 ×1.1

MP prize (5) ×2, Focus prize (5) ×2
Betwixt Shard (18%), Betwixt Stone (12%), Betwixt Gem (8%)
Kingdom of Corona, Arendelle, Keyblade Graveyard, Scala ad Caelum

The Reaper is a high-ranking Nobody controlled by Marluxia that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

While in the Kingdom of Corona, Sora encounters an idle Reaper, which appears as a large white flower bud, and investigates it to see if it is dangerous, although the Reaper remains idle and he passes it off as safe. When he lets his guard down, the Reaper emerges from its idle state to attack Sora and his friends along with various other Reapers that appear, causing Sora to encourage Rapunzel and Eugene to seek safety deeper into the forest. Sora defeats the Reapers, prompting Marluxia to reveal himself to Sora.

Later, during the festival in the Kingdom, several Reapers along with other Nobodies appear to harass Sora, Donald, and Goofy while they watch the lanterns. Meanwhile, when Rapunzel is by herself, Marluxia uses two Reapers to intimidate her into running back to Mother Gothel.


Reapers appear in two different forms. When idle, or when taking a defensive stance, they appear as a large, silvery-white flower bud, similar to certain features in Castle Oblivion. They have long, pointed petals shaped like the spikes of the Nobody emblem, which flow naturally into a short, twisted stem that splays out into "roots" with the same spiked shape.

When offensive, the petals of the bud open, revealing a humanoid head and torso, wearing a jacket with oversized, pointed shoulders and long pointed hood of faded pink. It also wears wide, elbow-length mittens that fade from pink to white. In battle, it wields a scythe similar to Marluxia's Graceful Dahlia, with a large, pink blade with an upturned tip and multiple spikes resembling the Nobody emblem.

Their name is derived from the Final Fantasy Grim Reaper entity, who like Marluxia wields a scythe and is associated with Doom spells. They are also the only high-ranking Nobodies not named after a job class at the time of their debut: the scythe-wielding Reaper job did not appear until Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, two years after the release of Kingdom Hearts III.


When fighting Reapers, it is a good idea to make frequent use of Fire magic, which Reapers are weak to, in order to deal a hefty amount of damage from a distance. Fire magic can also be used to interrupt the Reapers while they are warping, using Flare Dance, or getting ready to use Thorn Whip. Watch for when the Reapers are frequently warping around, as this signals their next attack.

After hitting its revenge value, the Reaper will warp away and counterattack with either Leaf Slash or Flare Dance. After counterattacking twice, the Reaper's revenge value will not increase for 20 seconds.

Consider using magic or simply dodging when the Reapers use their Leaf Slash attack, as their unpredictable movement pattern can cause you to mistime a block and get hit as a result.

The Frying Pan formchange deals fire damage with its basic combos, making it an ideal formchange for close combat against the Reapers since fire damage can bypass their revenge value. This means that they won't be able to break out even when their revenge value reaches it's threshold.

Technique Element Power Block? Repel LV
Leaf Slash (木の葉斬り
Konoha Kiri
Physical 0.8 2
Spins around sideways while advancing in a meandering manner.
Thorn Whip (ソーンウィップ
Sōn Wippu
Physical 0.5 per hit 2
Charges at the target on the ground with various thorny whips extending from its body.
Flare Wild Dance (フレア乱舞
Furea Ranbu
Neutral 0.6 per hit
Somersaults and scatters petal-like fragments of light around itself.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.