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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Logo KHIIIRM.png
キングダム ハーツ III Re Mind
Kingudamu Hātsu III Re Mind
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Release date(s) Playstation 4:
Japan January 23, 2020
Flag of the United States.png/Flag of Canada.png January 23, 2020
Europe/Flag of Australia.png January 23, 2020
Xbox One:
Japan February 25, 2020
United States/Canada February 25, 2020
Europe/Flag of Australia.png February 25, 2020
PC:Symbol - Crown.png
Japan March 30, 2021
United States/Canada March 30, 2021
Europe/Australia March 30, 2021
Nintendo Switch:Symbol - Crown.png
Japan February 10, 2022[1]
United States/Canada February 10, 2022[2]
Europe February 10, 2022[2]
Genre Action role-playing game
Game modes Single player
Ratings ESRB:Everyone 10+Everyone 10+
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Personal computer
"The other tale that unfolded during the climax of KINGDOM HEARTS III."

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind (stylized as Kingdom Hearts III Re𝄌 Mind) is a DLC expansion for Kingdom Hearts III. It was officially announced at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- event on June 8, 2019, and is the first major downloadable expansion in the Kingdom Hearts series. It was released worldwide on January 23, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, on February 25, 2020 for the Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind were released as a single game on March 30, 2021 for PC via the Epic Games Store, and on February 10, 2022 for Nintendo Switch as a Cloud version as part of Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece.[3]


Re Mind[edit]

Luxord confronts Xigbar about his suspicions of the black box.

In Thebes, after Xigbar watches Maleficent and Pete conclude their search for the Black Box there, Luxord appears before him. He mentions an old parable about a white goat and a black goat, his point being that while he has been loyally following his orders to find the box, he's questioning who gave them in the first place. Xigbar claims it must have been Xemnas, but Luxord already asked him and concluded that Xigbar gave the order, and wonders why. Xigbar says the box has important information guarded by generations of Keyblade wielders. Luxord says he is only searching for it now because others seek it, and Xigbar needs to find the box first to keep his connection to it a secret. He asks Xigbar who he really is before leaving; Xigbar asks the same of him.

Seventy-five years earlier, a young Xehanort meets with the Master of Masters in the Keyblade Graveyard after receiving a black coat with which to ward off the darkness while traveling the worlds. Xehanort tells the man that all the darkness and selfishness he's seen across the many worlds he's visited have caused him to lose his faith in humanity. Determined to bring order to the chaos, he resolves to remake the worlds. He says his decision will become clear after his upcoming Mark of Mastery exam, but the man tells Xehanort the results don't matter because he's already made up his mind. He says Xehanort will soon outgrow his coat, for he'll be powerful enough to control the darkness without it. Xehanort asks if he's a fortune-teller, but the man makes numerous claims about his identity before telling Xehanort his name, revealing himself to be one of the Lost Masters.

Saïx reports the status of Xehanort's vessels.

In the present era, Master Xehanort mentions his past encounter to Xigbar and Saïx. Xigbar insists on focusing on more important matters, like the fact that their loss of Sora has left them without a thirteenth vessel, and only the three of them are there now. Saïx and Xigbar list the other members' statuses and missions, saying the Nobodies that became human and then Nobodies again are themselves, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene, while their allies from the past transferred to replicas are Ansem, Xemnas, Vanitas, Riku Replica, and Young Xehanort. Xigbar says that leaves them two short of thirteen. Xehanort says he implanted Terra-Xehanort's heart from the past into Terra's recompleted body. Saïx discusses the replica program, in which Vexen created twenty replicas, the first twelve of which were barely human puppets, and that the first prototypes were the Riku Replica and then No. i. He says five of the last six are currently vessels for their past members, leaving one left. He explains how No. i was erased from memory, but remained in Vexen's records, and that its heart's link to Sora's memories should make it an adequate thirteenth member. Xigbar and Saïx leave to do their parts in the plan, then Xehanort says, "May your heart be your guiding key."

Shortly after Master Xehanort's defeat, in order to save Kairi, Sora uses the power of waking to return to The Final World, where he meets Chirithy, who tells him he will disappear if he saves her. Determined to save Kairi despite the consequence, Sora is guided by Chirithy to the crack he made in time, who tells him he'll have to traverse the Guardians' hearts, seeing everything they saw and feeling everything they felt, until he reaches Kairi's heart. He begins by experiencing the doomed first version of the Seven Guardians of Light's battle with Terra-Xehanort as several of his allies, first as Ventus, whose heart he is forced from by an entity calling itself "Darkness", which manifests as Dark Inferno χ. After Sora defeats it, he enters Aqua's heart, but her fear and despair manifests as Anti-Aqua. After defeating her, he passes through the tear and into his own Station of Calling. There, he meets with Naminé, who says she's brought out Terra's strongest thoughts to aid them.

Sora and Naminé witness the second version of the Guardians' battle with Terra-Xehanort and his subsequent battle with the Lingering Will. Sora tells her to go to the world of ocean and sky while he saves Terra. Sora leaps out of Terra's thoughts to save the Lingering Will from the Dark Figure, but after the Lingering Will sacrifices itself to save Sora, he is forced to fight Terra-Xehanort alone. After the Dark Figure grabs Sora, Terra-Xehanort launches a wave of darkness at him. Then Sora's own past self begins the final fight against the real Organization XIII at the Keyblade Graveyard with his allies, and his future self remains unseen until Terra is restored. As soon as Terra is restored, future Sora is seen in Terra's heart, which Sora says must have protected him from Xehanort's blast. Sora returns to his own past self, then transitions into Roxas's heart as he witnesses everyone's memories of Xion return as her heart displaces her past self's. There, Sora agrees to help Roxas and his friends reclaim their Recusant's Sigils from Xemnas, after which Sora returns to his past self again.

After Xehanort strikes Kairi down, Mickey remotely contacts Sora and tells him that Xehanort crystallized Kairi as an insurance policy until Kingdom Hearts is opened as a last resort, but they can still save her. Sora enters the portal generated from Xehanort to travel to Scala ad Caelum ahead of his past self to find Kairi. At Scala ad Caelum, he follows apparitions of Kairi and completes a series of puzzles to find five fragments of her heart there. Then Master Xehanort appears to him and explains that he crystallized Kairi, split her into seven fragments, and hid them. But Sora's past self shows up, so Sora is forced to re-enter himself before finding the other two fragments.

Sora jumps into Riku while he and the other Guardians engage in a battle with Replica Xehanorts. They're all sucked into keyhole-shaped portals except Mickey, during which Sora jumps into his heart, and he narrowly limps out of there and repels the replicas with Sora's help. Sora finds the remaining fragments and rejoins them by connecting to the Guardians' hearts. Kairi is restored, the Replica Xehanorts merge into Armored Xehanort, and she and Sora defeat it together, finishing it off with the Guardians' help. The Guardians notice Sora and Kairi's absence just before they open the way through Kingdom Hearts to join past Sora at Scala ad Caelum after his final battle with Xehanort. The pair then end up in The Final World, where they invite Chirithy to come home with them. They secretly witness the other Guardians' journeys home, bringing Chirithy to Ventus and Naminé's heart to her replica body. Finally, Sora and Kairi share a final moment sitting together on a paopu tree before he fades away.

Xigbar, who survived the Keyblade War, retrieves the No Name and the Black Box and summons Ira, Aced, Invi, and Gula, revealing himself to be an incarnation of their fellow Keyblade apprentice, Luxu. He begins to recount his actions to the foretellers, with Maleficent and Pete watching from afar. In a flashback to their youth, Eraqus and Xehanort begin a new game of Alba & Ater enacting a battle between seven dark pieces, and then placing a white piece on the board.

Sora and Riku, separated and disoriented, awaken in Quadratum, a world filled with modern buildings, skyscrapers, cars, and signs. The two walk the streets observing where they are; Sora finds himself at a crosswalk staring at a building with the number "104" displayed, while Riku stares at a large building. As Riku walks past the large building, Yozora, the protagonist of Verum Rex, sits alone atop watching him down below.

Elsewhere, on the roof of another skyscraper some distance away, The Master of Masters frames the full moon with his hands, then forms a heart shape over it using his fingers, symbolizing Kingdom Hearts.

Limitcut Episode[edit]

Following Master Xehanort's defeat, Riku visits the Land of Departure, where Terra tells him that he's so strong that there's nothing left that he could teach him. Riku sees Terra, Aqua and Ventus off as they don their Keyblade Armor and leave to go on a journey in the Realm of Darkness to find Sora.

One year later, Riku goes to Merlin's House in Radiant Garden to visit Leon, Cid, Aerith and Yuffie to try and uncover any clues to Sora's whereabouts. Riku mentions that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have been searching for clues in every past world Sora's been to, the Twilight Town gang have been studying Roxas and Xion's memories for such clues, and Kairi has been asleep in Ansem the Wise's laboratory since Sora disappeared, where Ansem and his remaining apprentices have been searching her heart for clues. After a year of hard work merging the data on his computer with that of Ansem's and Twilight Town's, which he says are all connected to the same network, Cid recreates Sora's battle data in a simulated version of the Garden of Assemblage, along with the Real Organization XIII's Recreated Data, in the hopes of yielding some answers, but their data is so powerful, Cid can only access it after Riku uses Sora's data to defeat the strengthened digital copies.

After all thirteen copies are defeated, the data analysis says Sora's data still hasn't been updated, forcing Riku and Leon's gang back to square one. The Fairy Godmother then appears at Merlin and Yen Sid's request to aid them, and has Riku recount the strange dream he's been having: He finds himself in Quadratum surrounded by tall buildings, while Yozora observes him from atop a skyscraper. He can't recall what happens next, but she claims she knows, because dreams are her specialty. She explains that the wizards sent her to Riku because, due to his time in Sora's dreams, the key to finding Sora might be in his dreams, "and the other two." Kairi's sleeping body in Ansem's lab and the daytime version of The Final World are then shown.

Secret Episode[edit]

Sora wakes up in a nighttime version of The Final World, and desperately calls out to whoever he can. A young man answers back and appears before him. Sora recognizes him as Yozora, the protagonist of Verum Rex whom he learned more about from a girl he met before, and is surprised to discover that Yozora is actually a real person. Yozora appears to know exactly who Sora is and claims that he is tasked to "save" him, but suddenly questions whether that is truly Sora at all. To Sora's shock, he summons his crossbow and sword and transports them to the 104 building in Quadratum, where a fearsome battle ensues.

After Sora defeats Yozora, Yozora fades away into light and Sora ends up in the daytime version of The Final World. Meanwhile, Yozora is woken up from his slumber in the back seat of a car by his driver, who addresses him as "Commander" and asks him whether he thinks "it" impressive. Sora and Yozora both wonder whether or not their encounter was real or just a weird dream. Sora then states that none of this makes any sense to him.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If Yozora defeats Sora, Sora crystallizes as Yozora vows to save him. Yozora then ends up in The Final World starting at the sky before waking up in a car. Sora and Yozora both wonder whether their encounter was real or just a weird dream. Yozora then states that none of this makes any sense to him.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Keyblade Graveyard
Scala ad Caelum
The Final World
Radiant Garden
Dive to the Heart


  • Re Mind contains new story cutscenes and gameplay elements, including the options to replay certain battles in the Keyblade Graveyard against members of Real Organization XIII as Riku, Aqua, and Roxas. Players will be able to explore Scala ad Caelum and play as Kairi in the final battle against Xehanort.[4]
  • Limitcut Episode contains new story scenes and the Data Analysis feature, allowing players to battle the Real Organization XIII's Recreated Data of the Real Organization XIII in the Garden of Assemblage.[5]
  • Secret Episode contains new story scenes and boss battle against Yozora.[5]
  • Data Greeting feature. It allows players to choose various locations, props, effects, and characters and arrange them in a wide variety of ways and snap photos.[5]
  • Slideshow feature. All photos players have saved in their Albums can be arranged into unique slideshows, with various transition effects and background music.[5]
  • Premium Menu. Upon starting a new game file, in addition to their current chosen difficulty level players can implement a second difficulty option with diverse settings.[5]
    • EZ Codes: Allows settings designed to make the game extremely easy, such as automatic HP recovery, one-hit kills and auto-guarding against enemy attacks.
    • PRO Codes: Allows settings designed to give additional challenges, such as disabling certain abilities and constant HP drain.
  • If players purchased the Re Mind + Orchestra DLC bundle, the complete Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- feature is available via the "Orchestra" selection from the Downloadable Content menu.
  • An English voiceover option for Japanese copies.

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