Sudo Neku

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Sudo Neku

Sudo Neku (Spirit) KH3D.png

Katakana ネクッポイ Symbol - Dream Eater (Spirit).png
Rōmaji Nekuppoi
Japanese Nekuppoi

Type Spirit Dream Eater
Game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Hebby Repp
Sudo Neku

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
A Hebby Repp with stylin' threads and a serious 'tude. Whatever's piped through those phones has turned its "inner emo" into "outer aggro".
EXP Mod Dream Piece
1.03 Wild Fantasy
HP Strength Magic Defense
38.4 10 8.9 6.2
Fire Blizzard Thunder Water Dark Light
x1.55 x0.90 x1.10 x0.60 x1.10 x1.10
Attribute Style Link Attack
Fire Fire Flame Thrower
Twister Mostly uses Burning Rubber attack
To Hothead: Rub its chest
To Cool Bean: Poke its face
To Psycho: Rub its face
Hothead Uses only Fire attacks and shoots fireballs
To Twister: Poke its face
To Cool Bean: Poke its feet
To Psycho: Rub its chest
Cool Bean Uses all attacks but doesn't lose its temper
To Twister: Poke its face
To Hothead: Rub its face
To Psycho: Rub its tail
Psycho Goes Berserk as soon as the battle starts
To Twister: Poke its chest
To Hothead: Rub its chest
To Cool Bean: Poke its face

The Sudo Neku is a Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and can be acquired through the use of an AR Card.


Resembling the Hebby Repp Dream Eater, the Sudo Neku is modeled after Neku Sakuraba. Its blue head is adorned with a pink horn and spiky orange hair. Its eyes are yellow and diamond-shaped, with circular pupils. The Sudo Neku wears a pair of black headphones covered with yellow stars. It wears what resembles a sweatshirt over its curved body, whose end is marked by a sweat band on its tail. The Sudo Neku's back and tail are covered with spikes. Its body metamorphoses from red to yellow to green to blue, and its tail changes in the opposite color scheme. The Sudo Neku wears comically large green shoes, with a yellow stripe down the center of each one. The Dream Eater emblem is present on the front of its chest.

The "Sudo" in the Sudo Neku's English name is a play on "pseudo", a prefix that indicates something that is deceptively similar to another, referencing the Sudo Neku's resemblance to Neku. Its Japanese name roughly translates to "Neku-esque".


Ability Link[edit]

Sudo Neku's Ability Link
  A B C D E F G H
Location Type Name Requirement
B-1 Stat Ability Magic Boost 100 LP
B-2 Magic Command Fira 10 LP
B-3 Stat Ability Magic Haste 30 LP
C-1 Stat Ability Fire Boost 30 LP
C-2 Stat Ability Blizzard Boost 30 LP
C-3 Stat Ability Magic Haste 50 LP
D-1 Stat Ability Thunder Boost 30 LP
D-2 Stat Ability Magic Haste 100 LP
E-1 Stat Ability Magic Boost 200 LP
E-2 Stat Ability Slow Block 30 LP
E-3 Attack Command Circle Raid 150 LP
F-1 Stat Ability Thunder Boost 50 LP
F-2 Stat Ability Magic Haste 150 LP
F-3 Stat Ability Reload Boost 150 LP
G-1 Stat Ability Magic Boost 300 LP
G-2 Quota Checkpoint Level 20
G-3 Attack Command Slot Edge 200 LP


Name Element Level Disposition
Hebby Needle Physical 1    
Hebby Sweep Physical 1    
Hebby Whip Physical 1    
Burning Rubber Fire 1  
Hebby Fire Fire 1  
Hebby Burst Fire 1    
Hebby Berserk 1  
Name Element Level Disposition
Hebby Needle Physical 1 20% 15% 25% 10%
Hebby Flurry Physical 1 35% 15% 30% 10%
Burning Rubber Physical 1 25% 15% 25% 30%
Hebby Fire Fire 1 15% 25% 10% 20%
Hebby Burst Fire 1   20% 10% 20%
Hebby Berserk 1 5% 10%   10%
Dark Mist Dark 1 Evolved Command


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

The Sudo Neku Recipe is obtained in the NA and PAL versions once Sora and Riku reach Rank 20 in Flick Rush. The Sudo Neku can be created through two different recipes.

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