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Critical Snipe

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Critical Snipe
(クリティカルスナイプ Kuritikaru Sunaipu?)
.gif of Critical Snipe
Attack Power Critical Chance Flinches
Snipe 1.63 X X
Final Limit
Snipe 2.13 X O
"Hey, not bad!"
—Xigbar during the Limit Break.
"You had your fun?"
—Xigbar during the Final Limit.

Critical Snipe is a Limit Break that appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It allows the user to aim and shoot powerful bullets at targets.


Critical Snipe is Xigbar's Limit Break. It causes gameplay to transform into an over-the-shoulder, third-person shooter mode. Xigbar combines his two arrowguns into a single sniper rifle, and fires powerful, large bullets at the target. Enemies hit take damage and are temporarily stunned. Xigbar can hang in midair and shoot, but not upside-down. During Xigbar's Final Limit, the camera becomes closer to Xigbar and his bullets become larger, more powerful, and can be fired at a faster rate. They morph into spheres of pink, white, and blue energy that ripple through the air as they are fired. Enemies that are hit take heavy damage.

Learning Critical Snipe[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • Xigbar has Critical Snipe as his Limit Break.