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English Cards[edit]

Base Set

BS-61: Wonderland [R]
Wonderland BS-61.png
[Dark 2]
"Fire effect" damage is doubled here. For each additional doubling effect card used, the damage multiplier increases by 1.

Type World
Level 2

A Darkness Awakened

ADA-86: Wonderland [C]
Wonderland ADA-86.png
[Dark 1]
When this card is played,You must discard a random card from your hand, then draw a card from your deck.

Type World
Level 1
ADA-87: Wonderland [U]
Wonderland ADA-87.png
[Dark 3]
Friend Cards, Magic/Friend Cards, and Dark Cards cannot be played here.

Type World
Level 3

Japanese Cards[edit]

Eternal Darkness

ED-66: Wonderland [R]
Wonderland card
[Dark 2]
Fire effect magic and abilities are doubled here.

Type World
Level 2