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Frying Pan (Formchange)

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This article is about the Formchange.
You may be looking for Eugene Fitzherbert's weapon.

Frying Pan (フライパン Furai Pan?, lit. "Fry Pan") is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a skillet-like shield, allowing for fiery attacks and counters.


Frying Pan transforms the Keyblade into a grey shield resembling a skillet. An image of a rat holding a ladle and wearing a toque is emblazoned into the shield, and it is surrounded by a series of flames.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Frying Pan is the Formchange of the Grand Chef Keyblade, associated with Blitz Form. It has a base duration of 30 seconds and a maximum combo length of 5. It is very similar to Counter Shield in basic execution, with its basic combo involving Sora spinning and throwing the shield around himself, and the finishers consist of a spin attack and a fiery forcefield. Like Counter Shield, Frying Pan's biggest boon is being able to perform devastating fiery counters. By blocking with Square/X, Sora can charge the shield and replace the Attack command with a reprisal up to two times, causing the flames on the shield to become more prominent. The first, Flame Torrent, simply spawns a single burst of flame, while the second, Flame Barrage, summons a barrage of flames.

The Formchange's finish command has Sora transform the Keyblade into a massive frying pan before slamming it downwards.


Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Keyblade Transformation Attack (キーブレード変形演出中の攻撃
Kīburēdo Henkei Enshū-naka no Kougeki
Attack icon Fire 0.5 0 1 0 O
Shield Rightward Swing (盾右振り
Tate Migi-furi
Attack icon Physical 1.0 8 1 0.5 X
Rightward swing with shield.
Shield Drill Rush (盾きりもみ突進
Tate Kiri-momi Tosshin
Attack icon Fire 0.4(x5) 3(x5) 1(x5) 0.3(x5) X
Dash forward with spinning shield.
Shield Forward Throw (盾前方投げ
Tate Zenpō Nage
Attack icon Fire 1.0 8 1 0.5 X
Throw shield forward.
Shield Spin Attack icon Physical 0.7(x3) 6(x3) 1(x3) 0.25(x3) O
Spread your arms and spin at foes. (Combo finisher)
Flame Circle Attack icon Fire 0.1 + 2.2 1 + 8 1 + 1 0.05 + 0.25 O
Raise your shield and scorch the area with fire. (Combo finisher)
Flame Torrent Attack icon Fire 6.0 8 50 0 O
After charging your shield with Shield Charge, select Attack to scorch foes with a torrent of flame and send them flying.
Flame Barrage Attack icon Fire 1.0(x14) + 8.0 8(x15) 1(x14) + 50 0 O
After fully charging your shield with Shield Charge, select Attack to scorch foes with a series of flame blasts and send them flying.
Finish (フィニッシュ
Attack icon Fire 3.0 0 5 0 O
Slam a giant frying pan downward.

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