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Japanese ヨゾラ
Rōmaji Yozora
Game Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
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KHIII tracks
Battle theme - Nachtflügel

Yozora is an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind that is fought during the Secret Episode. Yozora can be fought by accessing the Secret Episode in the main menu after completing the Limitcut Episode. Defeating Yozora will grant the Crystal Regalia+, and unlock the Premium Menu for the current save file with both EZ Codes and PRO Codes available.


Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

Yozora is skilled in wielding his sword and crossbow. He can perform slashing attacks and assault Sora with lasers in quick succession. He can also ensnare Sora in order to steal his items, even his Keyblade and Kupo Coin, and summon drones to fire more shots at Sora.

Yozora is an incredibly difficult fight that requires a large amount of patience. The player should have Glide and High Jump equipped, be very high leveled, have extreme defense, and equip fully evolved Keyblades.

At the start of the fight, Yozora will always begin with a different move, and there is a small chance he can even begin with his ultimate attack and spend the entire fight in his second phase. If the player isn't comfortable fighting Yozora during his second phase, the player should allow a Game Over and retry the fight.

If the player takes an extremely long time to defeat Yozora after he performs his ultimate attack, he will repeat his ultimate attack.

Yozora's red attacks are blockable, while his blue attacks are unblockable.

Whenever Yozora sprints at Sora, he will attempt to steal Sora's Keyblade. During this move Yozora summons an orb to surround Sora. If Sora is caught, Yozora will destroy the orb with his sword, steal the Keyblade, and put it in his sword. During this state, Sora's MP is forced into MP recharge, his focus gauge depletes to zero and all Sora can do is run, dodge, and use items. Yozora will always start with casting a Waterga spell that homes in on Sora based on the player's Left Stick movements and will inflict the "Cloud" status effect if it connects. After this, Yozora will follow up with a series of slashes which can be dodged if timed properly. Yozora will end this with summoning reticles around Sora which will throw multiple copies of his Keyblade at him. All of these can be dodged, but if Sora is caught, he will be continually damaged by Keyblade copies until the attack ends. After the attack Sora will gain his Keyblade back and his MP and focus can be replenished with an Elixir. The easiest method to deal with this is to dodge the first orb, then immediately blocking as Yozora will follow with a series of slashes. After the slashes, Yozora will attempt the orb attack 2 more times; dodge these accordingly.

Yozora can summon drones to trap Sora and create a pyramid around him. If Sora is caught he will be suspended in the air and blasted with lasers. If Sora dodges out of the pyramid just before he is trapped, Yozora will follow up with quick slashes that can be blocked. Yozora will attempt this process a total of three times. The player needs to time their dodges so they exit the pyramid just before it forms, and immediately block Yozora's follow-up slashes. The pyramids can be broken, leaving Yozora open if the player times a Formchange transformation or a finisher right as the pyramid is forming. The player can also break the pyramid if, after dodging the second pyramid, they immediately cast Thundaga or Aeroga.

Yozora can jump in the air and fire groups of lasers in nine sets, briefly falling after the sixth set, then following up with the final three sets. He is open to attack during his fall after the sixth hit, so take this opportunity to Airstep to him and attack.

Yozora can appear in the air and fire a laser into the ground, then slowly rotate it towards Sora. He will follow up with a blue laser, which cannot be blocked, followed by 3 red laser sets and a blue laser again. He will finish with the same slow laser he started with. For the start and end, don't block immediately or else the slow laser will hit, so wait a moment first before blocking. Since the blue lasers cannot be blocked, dodge roll when they come up.

Yozora can approach from the air and fire a red tornado-like move from his crossbow, sliding along the ground - if it connects, it will rapidly decrease the timers on any active Situation Commands. He will then do a few small sword slashes at the air, then disappear. A red target reticle will appear on Sora, and lasers will fire at him three times. After this, Yozora will re-appear at the spot he stood before, and do the tornado move again. Guard the first tornado and the three volleys of lasers, then do a reprisal around where Yozora stood to have a chance at attacking him. If this fails, guard the second tornado.

Yozora can attack with a laser, slash, fire 2 sets of lasers, slash, and then will teleport his sword behind Sora. Sora cannot block the sword's first 2 slashes unless he is in a Formchange that uses a 360-degree guard. Therefore, it is safest to Dodge Roll backwards and block the third hit of the sword. Upon being blocked, the sword will teleport back to Yozora's hand, and he will be open to attack as he falls - Airstep to him immediately. If the sword doesn't get blocked, Yozora will follow up with several more swings before jumping back and standing still - this is another opening to Airstep and attack.

There is a variant of this move where Yozora will perform 6 slashes, and then teleport his sword. The sword can be dealt with in the same way as before.

Yozora can charge a sword strike, telegraphed by him crouching as his blade glows red. When he is about to attack, his sword will flash, and Yozora will begin to slash at Sora. If the slashes connect, Sora's maximum HP will temporarily be decreased. He will slash three times, charge his sword again, and perform one more slash. All of these slashes can be guarded, with the flash acting as a cue for the block timing. There is an opening during this attack which can be found while Yozora is charging his sword for the second time. Attempting to attack Yozora in this state will result in him countering Sora by jumping back, leaving himself open for a few seconds. The player should try to dodge immediately after attacking to prevent getting hurt, then Airstepping to Yozora to combo him.

Occasionally, Yozora will surround himself in a red orb with armor. During this state, he will fire a red tractor beam at Sora up to three times. If Sora is caught in it, Yozora will begin to heal himself by siphoning Sora's HP and eventually stealing his items. Yozora can even steal a Kupo Coin if Sora has one equipped, which will heal Yozora back to half of his HP once his HP is depleted. He will use the tractor beam a total of four times. To avoid this move, Doubleflight into the air and glide in a circle around the arena. After the the third tractor beam, Yozora is briefly open to attack, but cast Thundaga first to stagger him and then Airstep to continue attacking. Attempting to Airstep without casting Thundaga first may cause Sora to still lose items and take damage.

Yozora's ultimate attack begins with him teleporting to the center of the arena before conjuring up a floating strobe light projector in the center of the battlefield, transforming the battlefield into a planetarium theater. This attack consists of four phases:

During the first phase, the projector will manipulate the gravity of the battlefield, which forces Sora into the air. Yozora will fire two red lasers, followed up by two blue lasers. Block the red lasers and dodge the blue lasers. Immediately after dodging the second blue laser, use focus to look up at the laser's machine, and attempt to Airstep to Yozora. If this is done quickly enough, Yozora will be open to attack.

After this, Yozora will summon several laser machines in front of Sora, but does not fire them, and both he and the machines quickly disappear. This is a fake-out, and Yozora will perform several more as he rolls and disappears in the same spot in front of Sora. When Yozora appears in a spot other than the exact middle, he will actually attack Sora with some slashes and lasers. It is important that the player stay still and watch Yozora's position closely to know when he will actually attack, and then guard the attacks accordingly. Do not run around blindly or turn the camera around too much, or else it will be much more difficult to read what Yozora will do.

The projector will start to rotate and make sounds. Keep an eye on the horizon on the opposite end of the stage - Yozora will appear there and fire a blue laser, two sets of red lasers, one blue laser, and finally two sets of red lasers. Dodge the blues and block the reds.

In the second phase, the projector disperses and the battlefield turns into a geometric white void. Yozora will appear in the air and summon several Gigas to attack Sora with unblockable attacks. These can be avoided by moving in a circle (most of the Gigas will be destroyed upon hitting a wall), and dispatching the remaining Gigas with Thundaga after they stop spawning. Alternatively, if Sora's MP is full and Links are available, start Sea Spectacle and use the finisher immediately to destroy all the Gigas. Finally, Yozora will re-appear and slash at Sora with multiple clones of himself.

The third phase is similar to the first one, albeit with Yozora being far more aggressive with his attacks. Yozora fire a red laser followed by blue lasers, although the blue lasers will overlap the red. Guard then roll, or Guard then do a reprisal to avoid this.

Next, Yozora will summon clones to attack, and will teleport his sword behind Sora after the first three hits of the combo. Dodge Roll backwards and guard to stop the sword, causing the real Yozora to start falling - but don't attack him yet. Continue to guard, as the clones will continue to attack Sora. Yozora will land and patiently stand in place until all of the clones are gone, at which point it is safe to Airstep to him and attack.

The fourth phase transforms the arena into a white void once more, while Yozora summons roughly a dozen copies to assault Sora. Guard this attack.

The projector will transform into an artificial sun that continually pulls Sora in. Yozora will appear and constantly attempt to push Sora into the sun - if successful, he ends it with a single powerful slash that immediately reduces Sora's HP to 1. Turn the camera away and run to the edge of the arena - from this perspective, Yozora will attack Sora four times from the front, one from behind, three from the front, two from behind, and finally three in front. Dodge each by rolling. Finish by rolling, air sliding, or jump and gliding away from the sun, as Yozora attacks it and it explodes. If Sora is caught in the sun at any point, then this dodging process will be skipped - taking this hit is a viable option if the player isn't confident about dodging, and has healing items ready.

Yozora will follow his ultimate attack with either his tractor beam (except during this phase of the fight he only attempts to steal once instead of four times), or he will surround himself in a red aura, gain armor, and continually slash at Sora. During this attack, he will initially start with one slash which typically will not connect, but then repeats the move while adding another slash every time he repeats. Once Yozora is done, he will proceed to another attack. If the player can break through his armor, ideally with Counter Slash or Double Form's Dual Smasher, he will be open for an attack. Alternatively, using the King's Flare Link will also break Yozora's armor very quickly.

After the ultimate attack has finished, some of Yozora's normal attacks will be enhanced, and he will gain some new ones.

The fake-out with numerous laser machines makes a return from the first phase of his ultimate attack, and works roughly the same. If Yozora appears in front of Sora then he will not attack, but if he appears even slightly to the side then he will attack, and will need to be blocked. Stay still and carefully observe Yozora during this attack to catch the cue to block.

The charged sword move is now blue, dodge rolling will be needed to avoid them. The sword will flash when it's about to strike, but occasionally Yozora may do a "fake-out" flash before doing a second flash indicating the actual attack.

Yozora's reticle shots will now be blue. Yozora starts the move the same way by doing small sword slashes, then target reticles will appear on Sora. There are two versions of this move: one that starts and ends with a tornado, and one that does not. For the tornado one, guard the tornado at the start, dodge roll two blue volleys, guard a slash then dodge the third volley, and finally guard the tornado. For the version without the tornado, simply dodge roll the three volleys of shots.


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