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Limit Break

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This article is about the ability from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
You may be looking for the ability from Kingdom Hearts II.

A Limit Break (リミットブレイク Rimitto Bureiku?) is a powerful ability introduced in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. During a Limit Break, the user unleashes a tremendous amount of power as an attack that they wouldn't normally be able to perform. The attack is usually based on the user's element or abilities in previous games, such as a combo finisher or Limit. Unlike a Limit from Kingdom Hearts II, the character can take damage if attacked while performing a Limit Break, although the damage taken is less. It also heals the character from any negative status effect, and prevents them from getting any status effects.

In order to activate a Limit Break, the user must drop into a low amount of their HP, also known as the Alarm Zone. This area is marked as being yellow, as opposed to the rest of the green bar. After having dropped into the Alarm Zone, a small sound will play; at this point, the Limit Break can be unleashed by holding A. Once the powerful attack has been triggered, a white marker will begin to move down the HP bar, until it reaches the far left end. At that point, the Limit Break ends, and the Alarm Zone is set closer to the right end of the HP bar. To use the Limit Break again, the user must survive another attack to re-enter the Alarm Zone.

The placement of the Alarm Zone can be altered by certain panels:

  • The Limit Recharge item increases the Alarm Zone.
  • Limit Boost KHD.png
    The Limit Boost (リミットアップ Rimitto Appu?, lit. "Limit Up") ability increases where the Alarm Zone is at the beginning of a mission. It can be purchased for 1440 Heart Points from the Moogle Shop, once Roxas is promoted to Agent rank.
  • The Extreme ring has the One HP ability, which caps the maximum HP at 1, enabling the use of Limit Breaks at all times, even from the start of a mission. Since this places the Alarm Zone at the far right side of the HP bar, this also results in the longest possible duration for a Limit Break.
Final Limit KHD.png

On Day 225 of the Story Mode, Roxas will receive the Final Limit (リミットカット Rimitto Katto?, lit. "Limit Cut") panel from Saïx, which allows the user to execute their Final Limit. During Final Limit, the user will gain additional attacks not available in a normal Limit Break. Final Limit will activate when a normal Limit Break would end: when the white marker reaches the far left end of the HP bar. The marker will then move back along the HP bar until it reaches the Alarm Zone, at which point Final Limit will end.

Limit Pass KHD.png

The Limit Pass (リミットオープン Rimitto Ōpun?, lit. "Limit Open") panel allows for configuring Limit Breaks in Mission Mode, under the "Mission Config" menu. Unlike other Panels, the Limit Pass does not appear in Roxas's inventory, and does not need to be equipped to be active. It can be purchased at the Moogle Shop for 10000 Heart Points, once all Missions in Mission Mode have been cleared. Three settings are available:

  • Endless: Allows using Limit Breaks repeatedly, without decreasing the Alarm Zone threshold.
  • Normal: Allows using Limit Breaks normally.
  • Off: Prevents Limit Breaks from being used.

List of Limit Breaks[edit]

Character Limit Break
Xemnas All-Vanity
Xigbar Critical Snipe
Xaldin Dragoon Storm
Vexen Diamond Dust
Lexaeus Ayers Rock
Zexion Meteor Mirage
Saïx Berserk
Axel Explosion
Demyx Wave Gigs
Luxord Jackpot
Marluxia Bloom-Out
Larxene Voltic Rush
Roxas Black Hole
Dual-wielding Roxas Magic Hour
Xion Black Hole
Riku Darkstrom
Donald Fantasia
Goofy Teamwork
The King Faith
Sora Ragnarok



  • When Organization XIII members activate their Limit Breaks, thorn beams similar to the ones that Xemnas and the Twilight Thorn use in their boss battles will surround them for a brief moment.
  • When the Limit Boost panel is equipped, the alarm does not sound until your health is reduced to about a fourth of what it was.