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Highwind (Formchange)

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This article is about the Formchange.
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Highwind (ハイウインド Haiuindo?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a halberd, allowing long-ranged thrusts.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Highwind is the first Formchange of the Wheel of Fate Keyblade, associated with Strike Form. It has a base duration of 25 seconds and a maximum combo length of 5. Its attacks are long-ranged and sweeping, allowing Sora to attack with rapid thrusts and slashes. The ground and aerial combos begin with Sora pulling back the spear before thrusting the spear forward, then slashing the spear upwards, followed by a horizontal spinning slash and then twisting upwards while slamming the spear onto the ground. The first combo finisher involves Sora thrusting the spear as ethereal copies of it thrust forwards before thrusting upwards, while the second involves him teleporting upwards, sending the ethereal spears downwards in a circular arc, and finally slamming the ground. Filling the situation gauge while in Highwind allows Sora to Formchange into Storm Flag.

While the Formchange is active in combat, Air Slide can be used on the ground and Aerial Dodge in the air if the respective abilities are equipped.

Highwind uses Artillery-style Magic.


Alongside the abilities from Strike Form, Highwind also has access to Guardbreaker.

Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Keyblade Transformation Attack (キーブレード変形演出中の攻撃
Kīburēdo Henkei Enshū-naka no Kougeki
Attack icon Physicalfade in/out from Hollow Bastion 0.5(x3)+1.0 0 1(x4) 0 O
Rushing Thrust (突進突き
Tosshin Tsuki
Attack icon Physical 1.0 8 1 0.5 O
Will be replaced by the "Swing Up & Swing Right" attack if surrounded.
Swing Up & Swing Right (振り上げ&右振り
Furiage & Migi Furi
Attack icon Physical 0.5+1.0 4+8 1+1 0.4+0.5 O
Triple Vertical Downward Swing (縦3回転振り下ろし
Tate 3 Kaiten Furi Oroshi
Attack icon Physical 0.5+0.5+1.0 4+4+8 1(x3) 0.4+0.4+0.5 O
Spear Rush Attack icon Physical 0.3(x5)+1.0 2(x5)+8 1(x6) 0.1(x5)+0.25 O
Summon a host of halberds to strike at foes. (Combo finisher)
Spear Rain (spear rain) Attack icon Physical 0.3 per hit 2 per hit 1 per hit 0.1 per hit O

(shockwave) Attack icon Physical 1.6 8 1 0.25 O
Rain twelve halberds down on unwitting foes. (Combo finisher)
Rising Left-turn Swing (上昇左回転振り
Jōshō Hidari Kaiten Furi
Attack icon Physical 2.0 8 1 0.5 O
Used when the target is above you.
Spear Dive Attack icon Physical 0.75+0.75 6+6 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Swoops with weapon pointed straight downward, generating a spreading shock wave upon landing. Used during a Superjump near the enemy or when above the target.

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