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Abilities (KHCOM)

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In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, the ability system from Kingdom Hearts is largely replaced by the Sleight and enemy card systems. Sleights serve as the game's action abilities, and are activated by playing card combos, while enemy cards serve as the game's support abilities, and must be played to activate temporary status changes. However, the Dodge Roll ability has been kept as a free-to-use ability. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, three other movement abilities based on the shared abilities from Kingdom Hearts were added, and all four abilities were made available to use outside of combat.


Ability Description Obtained
Dodge Roll (ドッジロール
Dojji Rōru
Roll away from harm. Available from the beginning.
High-Speed Step (高速ステップ
Kōsoku Suteppu
Available from the beginning.
High Jump[KH Re:CoM] (ハイジャンプ
Hai Janpu
Powers up your jump, allowing you to reach higher places. Clear Monstro's Room of Beginnings.
Glide[KH Re:CoM] (グライド
While in the air, press the Circle button to ride the air currents. Hold down the Circle button to remain aloft. Enter Neverland.
Super Glide[KH Re:CoM] (スーパーグライド
Sūpā Guraido
While in the air, press the Circle button to fly at high speed. Hold down the Circle button to remain aloft. Castle Oblivion Room of Rewards