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Hyper Hammer

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Hyper Hammer (ブーストハンマー Būsuto Hanmā?, lit. "Boost Hammer") is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a hammer and bombard enemies with strong attacks.


Hyper Hammer transforms the Keyblade into a giant hammer. The hammer's head appears technological in design, boasting a rocket booster to deliver powerful attacks.


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In Kingdom Hearts III, Hyper Hammer is the first Formchange of the Favorite Deputy Keyblade, associated with Strike Form. Its ground combo has Sora leap forward and slam the hammer into the ground in front of himself, spin it around himself, slam it in front of and behind himself, slide it forward before swinging it upwards, and finishing by enlarging the hammer and slamming it on the ground. The air combo is identical to the ground combo, though the slams are replaced by Sora spinning the hammer vertically.

Hyper Hammer uses Proximity-style Magic.


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