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Clock Drill

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Clock Drill (クロックドリル Kurokku Doriru?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a drill and rush into enemies.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Clock Drill is the second Formchange of the Classic Tone Keyblade, following Boom Hammer and associated with Guardian Form. It has a base duration of 25 seconds and a maximum combo length of 5. It behaves nearly identically to Drill Punch, with the only differences being aesthetics and a different finisher. Its attacks have Sora spin the drill forward and piercing the ground with it. The ground combo finisher has Sora dig into the ground and emerge forward with an uppercut, while the air combo finisher is a stronger spinning charge. When surrounded by enemies, Sora can also call up an armada of drills from underneath for the finisher. Clock Drill uses Artillery-style Magic.

The Finish command has the screen turn black and white as Sora summons a clock on the ground and inserts the drill into it, spinning the clock hands to 12:00 and damaging any enemies caught in the clock.


Alongside the abilities from Guardian Form, Clock Drill also has access to Guardbreaker.

Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Keyblade Transformation Attack (キーブレード変形演出中の攻撃
Kīburēdo Henkei Enshū-naka no Kougeki
Attack icon Neutral 0.5 0 1 0 O
Forward Drill Rush (ドリル前方突進
Doriru Zenpō Tosshin
Attack icon Physical 0.2(x9) 1(x9) 1(x9) 0.1(x9) O
First ground combo, first and third aerial combos.
Drill Rush Underneath (ドリル真下突進
Doriru Mashita Tosshin
Attack icon Physical 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) O
Second ground combo.
Upper Drill Rush (ドリル突進アッパー
Doriru Tosshin Appā
Attack icon Physical 0.3(x3)+0.5 2(x3)+4 1(x4) 0.2(x3)+0.4 O
Third ground combo, second and fourth aerial combos.
Falling Drill Thrust (ドリル落下突き
Doriru Rakka Tsuki
Attack icon Physical 1.2+1.2 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Fourth ground combo.
Corkscrew Uppercut Attack icon Physical 0.6(x6) 6(x6) 1(x6) 0.25(x6) O
Launch foes into the air with a giant drill. (Ground combo finisher)
Ascending Drill Rush (ドリル上昇突進
Doriru Jōshō Tosshin
Attack icon Physical 0.4+0.4 3+3 1+1 0.3+0.3 O
Used when the target is in the air.
Jumping Ground Drill Thrust (ドリル跳び地面突き
Doriru Tobi Jimen Tsuki
Attack icon Physical 1.6 8 1 0.5 O
First ground combo when surrounded.
Drill Ground Thrust (ドリル地面突き
Doriru Jimen Tsuki
Attack icon Physical 0.6 6 1 0.5 O
Second ground combo when surrounded.
Drill Pillars Attack icon Physical 0.6(x7) 6(x7) 1(x7) 0.25(x7) O
Call forth countless drills from beneath the enemy's feet. (Ground combo finisher when surrounded)
Dire Drill Attack icon Physical 0.3(x10) 2(x10) 1(x10) 0.1(x10) O
Lunge toward foes with a giant drill. (Aerial combo finisher)
Swooping Drill Rush (ドリル意降下突進
Dorirui Kōka Tosshin
Attack icon Physical 1.2+1.2 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Used during a Superjump near the enemy or when above the target.
Diving Dodge Attack icon Physical 1.0 8 1 0.5 O
Tilt Left Stick and press Square to dive beneath the ground and evade in that direction. Only works while in combat.
Finish (フィニッシュ
(time stop) Attack icon Neutral 0.5 0 1 0 O

(clock hands) Attack icon Physical 0.2(x8)+3.0 0 1(x8)+5 0 O
Stops time while dealing damage to surrounding enemies, then advances the giant clock hands and attacks repeatedly.

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