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Clock Drill

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Clock Drill (クロックドリル Kurokku Doriru?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a drill and rush into enemies.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Clock Drill is the second Formchange of the Classic Tone Keyblade, following Boom Hammer and associated with Guardian Form. It behaves nearly identically to Drill Punch, though its attacks leave gears and cogs in their wake instead of shockwaves. Its attacks have Sora spin the drill forward and piercing the ground with it. The ground combo finisher has Sora dig into the ground and emerge forward with an uppercut, while the air combo finisher is a stronger spinning charge. When surrounded by enemies, Sora can also call up an armada of drills from underneath for the finisher. Clock Drill uses Artillery-style Magic.

The Finish command has the screen turn black and white as Sora summons a clock on the ground and inserts the drill into it, spinning the clock hands to 12:00 and damaging any enemies caught in the clock.


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