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In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Roxas will periodically be awarded a new rank (階級 Kaikyū?). Achieving a new rank will grant access to all missions of that rank in Mission Mode's multiplayer, as well as unlock additional items in the Moogle Shop and new characters in Mission Mode. Roxas is promoted to the next rank automatically upon reaching certain points in Story Mode.

  • Novice (ノービス Nōbisu?) - Awarded on Day 26
  • Rookie (ルーキー Rūkī?) - Awarded on Day 117
  • Agent (エージェント Ējento?) - Awarded on Day 172
  • Expert (エキスパート Ekisupāto?) - Awarded on Day 225
  • Master (マスター Masutā?) - Awarded on Day 296
  • Legend (レジェンド Rejendo?) - Awarded after story mode is completed