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One Heart

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The One Heart Team Attack

One Heart (ワンハート Wan Hāto?) is a Team Attack that appears in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. It allows Sora and Kairi to team up and use continuous attacks to damage an enemy while airborne.


In Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, One Heart is a Situation Command that is used by Sora and Kairi. When used, Sora and Kairi will dismiss their Keyblades and hold hands to make a pair of huge wings of light appear on their backs. They fly towards Xehanort and make continuous attacks by spinning their wings, showering feathers made from shared memories everywhere.

Learning One Heart[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • One Heart can be invoked as a Situation Command during the the fight against Armored Xehanort. It is invoked by Sora if the player character is Kairi, or by Kairi if the player character is Sora.


  • In the Chinese mythology, a pair of one-eyed birds with only one wing known as Jianjian can only fly together by acting as one, thus representing husband and wife.