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This article is about the gameplay mode in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].
You may be looking for the gameplay mode in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Quests (クエスト Kuesuto?) are the main gameplay mode by which the player can progress in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. There are five kinds of quests in Kingdom Hearts Union χ: Story, Events, Special, Coliseum, and Union Cross.

Most quests feature three objectives, often different, and each objective is tied to specific rewards such as Jewels or certain medals. Each quest also has a target battle, a specific enemy that must be defeated to finish the quest. The main goal of quests is to defeat the target enemy, usually a Heartless.

Types of Quests[edit]


Story (メインクエスト Mein Kuesuto?, lit. "Main Quest") mode quests advance the main story. Each of these quests are numbered, and each must be completed in numerical order to unlock the next quest. Many of the quests include cutscenes and conversations in which the story is explained.


Special (強化クエスト Kyōka Kuesuto?, lit. "Strengthening Quest") quests are quests that are unlocked for play only on specific days of the week. The purpose of special quests is to farm specific items that can be used to strengthen either the Keyblade or medals. The special quests are unlocked on specific days every week; for example, Mythril Madness, the special quest event that allows farming for Mythril Stones, Gems, and Crystals to level up the Keyblade, is unlocked Saturdays and Sundays every week. If one buys the Weekly Jewel Extravaganza, all of the special quests are unlocked for the rest of the week up until midnight the following Monday.


Event (イベント Ibento?) quests are usually limited time quests that offer special, often rare, prizes. They range from limited-time medals to jewels to different gems. There are various types of event quests, such as high score challenges, Hades Cup tournaments, and Raid Bosses. Only the basic tutorial and Power, Speed, and Magic Gem event quests are not limited time quests.


Coliseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) quests pertain to the monthly coliseum tournament. The goal is to go as far as one can, completing as many of the quests as possible during the month. The further along one goes in the coliseum tournament, the stronger the enemies are. In addition to the rewards for completing each quest, at the end of each month, rewards are given based on what rank one acquired during the month. This rank is based on how far into the tournament on made it in comparison to everyone else. Unlike the other quest types, it is possible to skip a set amount of quests by completing a quest by defeating all the enemies in one turn. The enemies, their level, and how many quests are skipped for one -turning each quest changes every month, as well as the rewards.

Union Cross[edit]

Union Cross (ユニオンクロス Yunion Kurosu?) quests are multiplayer quests. These quests allow one to play with other players online at the same time, including players in one's own party. The quests themselves change every couple weeks, along with the rewards. These quests will often feature time challenges to defeat certain enemies in a set time. A while after the quest has begun, the target enemy will appear somewhere on the field. The main objective is to defeat it with the help of the other players.

List of Quests[edit]