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Mirage Staff

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Mirage Staff (ミラージュロッド Mirāju Roddo?, lit. "Mirage Rod") is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a staff, granting access to illusory attacks of light.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Mirage Staff is the Formchange of the Ever After Keyblade, associated with Element Form. Its basic attacks have Sora strike enemies with surging attacks infused with light, and its finishers grant Sora the ability to fire light beams all around him. The Mirage Staff's Avatar Shift ability allows Sora to spawn ethereal copies of himself by dodging while in combat; only four copies can be active at a time. While at least one copy is active, the Avatar Barrage ability has Sora and the copies fire shots of light at the enemy.

The Formchange's finish command has Sora plant the staff into the ground and spawn a tower from underneath him. Sora, alongside two copies of himself, raises his palm and has rays of light streak across the ground, damaging enemies caught in the beams.


Form Actions
Ability Description
Golden Rays Blast enemies with a crisscross of magical light. (Combo finisher)
Revolving Rays Fire blasts of magical light as you turn. (Combo finisher)
Avatar Barrage Strike at foes along with the doubles you have created with Avatar Shift.
Avatar Shift Tilt Left Analog Stick and press Square to create a double as you evade in that direction. Only works in combat.
Ultimate Finish Unlock your Keyblade's full potential and perform a powerful move.
Hover Skate along the ground.

Learning Mirage Staff[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • The Ever After has Mirage Staff as its Formchange.