Rage Form

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Rage Form
Kana レイジフォーム Sprite Sora N Rage.png
Romaji Reiji Fōmu

Rage Form is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It has a chance to activate when Sora reaches critical health, regardless of current Keyblade.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

During Sora's final fight against Xehanort in Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort uses the power of Kingdom Hearts to absorb Sora's light, forcing him into Rage Form. By attacking Xehanort, Sora is able to regain his light.


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Rage Form turns Sora's clothes, skin, and Keyblade deep black, with glowing red eyes, an aura of darkness, and a fluorescent white swirling pattern on his pants. It is similar to AntiForm and envelops Sora's Keyblade in darkness for quick and powerful attacks. While AntiForm represents Sora overcome by darkness, Rage Form represents Sora's anger.[1]

While in his Kingdom Hearts II attire, Sora's appearance in Rage Form is identical to AntiForm.


When in Rage Form, Sora can use Riskcharge as a situation command, raising his Strength and enhancing the properties of certain attacks such as his combo finisher at the cost of depleting half his remaining health. After using Riskcharge three times, Sora gains access to Rage Form's finish command, which consists of Sora plunging his Keyblade into the ground and submerging the area around him in darkness. Orbs of darkness surround Sora before generating spikes and spinning around, delivering massive damage.

During the final fight against Xehanort, Riskcharge is unavailable. To obtain the Finish command, Sora must instead attack Xehanort enough and fill the situation meter using the Focus orbs he drops.



Rage Form is the only Formchange available that replenishes Sora's HP upon activation, making it useful when in low health situations.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Dengeki Playstation Interview; Interviewer: "There's a form that appears called "Rage Form," which reminds us of the "Anti Form" from KH2. What is the setup behind that?" / Tetsuya Nomura: "The forms in this title are very different from that of KH2, so we decided to change all the names. Rage does indeed have characteristics that are reminiscent of Anti, but it's basically a separate thing setup wise. Anti is based on Sora getting completely stained in darkness, but Rage doesn't go quite that far. It's based on him going into a rampage state, controlled by feelings of anger." Translation by goldpanner.