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Flare Force

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Flare Force (フレアフォース Furea Fōsu?) is a limit in Kingdom Hearts II, and a Team Attack in Kingdom Hearts III. Together, Sora and Donald can use Donald's powerful Duck Flare spell.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Flare Force is an action ability exclusive to Donald. It costs 3 AP to equip and all of Sora's MP to use. The first attack of the Limit is Duck Flare (ドナフレア Dona Furea?, lit. "Dona-Flare"), where Donald casts a barrage of orange and blue colored rockets in front of Sora. Then, the Reaction Command slot is occupied by the Rocket Flare (ロクフレア Roku Furea?) attack, in which Donald calls forth a series of rockets that seek out targets, can be used up to five times. Afterwards, it is replaced by the finishing move, Megaduck Flare (メガドナフレア Megadona Furea?, lit. "Megadona-Flare"), will then become available, in which Donald calls forth a barrage of rockets to attack one target and the enemies surrounding it. From the start, the finishing move is available in the "Limit" slot of the Command Menu, but its activation ends the limit prematurely. While the Limit attack is active, Donald is carried by Sora, who can attack and move around freely.

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In Kingdom Hearts III, Flare Force is a Situation Command that can be performed in unison with Donald. Donald and Sora summon a series of rockets that seek out random targets, similar to Megaduck Flare in Kingdom Hearts II.

Learning Flare Force[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Flare Force is available from the beginning of the game and can appear while Donald is in the party.

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