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Dark Form

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Dark Form
Japanese ダークフォーム Sora Dark Sprite KHIII.png
Rōmaji Dāku Fōmu

Keyblades Oblivion

Dark Form is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to harness the power of darkness. It is triggered by Oblivion.


Main article: Form:Sora

Dark Form turns Sora's clothes black and grey. The kanji for "darkness" (闇) is visible on his pants and hood.

The name refers to Sora using the power of darkness and the kanji symbolizing darkness on the design.


FC Sprite Dark Form KHIII.png

In Kingdom Hearts III, Dark Form is the first Formchange of the Oblivion Keyblade. With the exceptions of Dark Break in place of Black Hole and the addition of Dark Syphon, Dark Form's mechanics are identical to Light Form. Dark Form's attacks utilize black, indigo, and pale violet particle effects to symbolize the dark element, in addition to summoning diamonds and chains to evoke the Oblivion Keyblade. Filling the situation gauge while in Dark Form allows Sora to Formchange into Double Form OBV.


Ability Description
Quick Slash Strike a nearby target with a quick upward slash.
Flash Step Change a faraway target while blocking.
Radial Blaster Launch blade projectiles at nearby enemies.
Aerial Sweep Launch a horizontal spinning attack toward a target high above.
Aerial Dive Launch a vertical spinning attack toward a target down below.
Falling Slash While airborne, slash downward to attack targets on the ground.
Rising Spiral While performing a combo, press Circle to launch enemies into the air.
Groundbreaker While performing a combo, press Circle to slam enemies toward the ground.
Combo Master Continue combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Dark Syphon Recover MP when you take dark damage. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.
Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Zantetsuken Hold your Keyblade in reverse grip and launch a charging strike. (Combo finisher)
Finishing Leap Plant your Keyblade and create a shockwave to blow away nearby enemies. Your magic stat determines damage. (Combo finisher)
Dark Break Plant your Keyblade and release dark energy to attack surrounding enemies. Your magic stat determines damage. (Combo finisher)
Triple Edge Issue a flurry of attacks that sends enemies reeling. (Combo finisher: while airborne)
Spinning Rush Issue a flurry of attacks that sends enemies hurtling. (Combo finisher: while airborne)
Spiral Charge Spin your Keyblade while furiously charging the enemy. (Combo finisher)
Dark Guard Press Square to guard against attacks from all directions.
Dark Burst Press X after a successful block to send surrounding foes flying. (Reprisal ability)
Sonic Dodge While grounded, tilt Left Stick and press Square to roll in that direction and evade attacks.