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Dimension Link

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The D-Link menu allows the player to enable or disable D-Links and switch the Finish Commands equipped to them.

The Dimension Link (ディメンションリンク Dimenshon Rinku?), abbreviated to D-Link, is a feature similar to summoning that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to summon another character's power from across the worlds.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Aqua makes three Wayfinders, and she gives two of them to Terra and Ventus the night before she and Terra take the Mark of Mastery exam. After telling the legend behind the Wayfinder, she explains that she added some magic to the ones she made, representing an "unbreakable connection".

As the three of them journey from world to world, the bonds they make with those they meet along the way create D-Links, through the power of their Wayfinders.


The D-Link Gauge.

A Dimension Link can only be activated when the blue D-Link Gauge is full. The gauge is located directly above the HP gauge, and it is filled by picking up blue D-Link prizes, or by using a Balloon Letter. The protagonists can activate D-Links by pressing Right on the D-pad and selecting an enabled link from the list. D-Links cannot be activated if there are temporary allies in the party.

Activating a D-Link immediately restores all lost HP. While the link is active, the equipped Command Deck is replaced with the deck associated with the link. Additionally, the Command Gauge changes its appearance to reflect the linked character, and a sprite of the character appears above that of the player character. Upon filling the Command Gauge, the player can use a unique Finish command. While the link is active, the D-Link Gauge decreases continuously, and the link is broken when the gauge is completely empty. Alternatively, the player can deactivate the D-Link early by selecting "Revert" from the D-Link menu, by leaving the area, or by bringing up the main menu.

The D-Link emblem resembles a Wayfinder.

While the player character is using a D-Link, defeated enemies have a chance of dropping a special emblem (シンボルマーク Shinboru Māku?, lit. "Symbol Mark") that can be collected to raise the D-Link's level, expanding its Command Deck and unlocking a unique ability, as represented by the symbols to the left of the linked companion's sprite. Bringing the link up to Level 2 expands the deck again, adds a second ability, and grants access to a more powerful Finish command. Once a D-Link has reached Level 2, any additional emblems collected simply restore the D-Link Gauge.

D-Links can be disabled from being used in-battle from the main menu, under "D-Links". This can be used to shorten the D-Link menu, making it easier to select the desired link quickly.

In the PSP releases of the game, the player can create custom D-Links based on their friends' characters at the Mirage Arena, using the PSP's wireless connection. This feature is not present in the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX release due to the removal of multiplayer. These D-Links can also be removed or replaced at player discretion. The custom D-Link will operate as a variant of the Terra, Ventus, or Aqua D-Links, depending on which character their friend is using, but its Command Deck and Finish Command will match whatever commands the friend had equipped when the D-Link was created. Regardless of level, these D-Links' sprites are an armored version of the character the friend is playing as. Like the standard Terra, Ventus, and Aqua D-Links, it can be leveled up by collecting emblems, unlocking the appropriate abilities as well as any Advanced or Ultimate commands that were part of the Command Deck. However, the player cannot use any commands that their character wouldn't be able to use in normal gameplay (e.g., Terra cannot use a Faith command within the custom deck).

List of D-Links[edit]

D-Link Description Abilities Obtained Character
1 emblem 2 emblems
Terra D-Link KHBBS.png Rushing attacks. Overdrive KHBBS.png Overdrive Auto-Block KHBBS.png Auto-Block Clear the Land of Departure V A
Ventus D-Link KHBBS.png Blast of wind. Haste KHBBS.png Haste Auto-Counter KHBBS.png Auto-Counter Clear the Land of Departure T A
Aqua D-Link KHBBS.png Magic of each element. Magic Deflector KHBBS.png Magic Deflector Auto-Life KHBBS.png Auto-Life Clear the Land of Departure T V
Mickey D-Link KHBBS.png HP Recovery Auto-Teleport KHBBS.png Auto-Teleport Double EXP KHBBS.png Double EXP V: Defeat Vanitas at the Badlands
A: Defeat the Unversed at the Front Doors
Donald D-Link KHBBS.png Fire attacks. Magic Boost KHBBS.png Magic Boost Shell KHBBS.png Shell Clear the Mysterious Tower V A
Goofy D-Link KHBBS.png Charge at enemies. Protect KHBBS.png Protect Stun Boost KHBBS.png Stun Boost Clear the Mysterious Tower V A
Snow White D-Link KHBBS.png Unique moves for each of the dwarfs. Gauge Boost KHBBS.png Gauge Boost Quickload KHBBS.png Quickload Clear Dwarf Woodlands V A
Cinderella D-Link KHBBS.png Fairy magic. Auto-Remedy KHBBS.png Auto-Remedy Regen KHBBS.png Regen Clear Castle of Dreams T V A
Maleficent D-Link KHBBS.png Fire and sleep attacks. Focus Saver KHBBS.png Focus Saver Drain KHBBS.png Drain Reach Aurora's Chamber T
Zack D-Link KHBBS.png Fiery spin attack. Berserk KHBBS.png Berserk Attack Deflector KHBBS.png Attack Deflector Clear Olympus Coliseum T V A
Experiment 626 D-Link KHBBS.png Thunder attacks. Attack Boost KHBBS.png Attack Boost Double CP KHBBS.png Double CP Clear Deep Space T V A
Peter Pan D-Link KHBBS.png Jumping attacks. Float KHBBS.png Float Double Strike KHBBS.png Double Strike Clear Never Land T V A
Pete D-Link KHBBS.png Spin attack that causes status effects. Munny Plus KHBBS.png Munny Plus Steal KHBBS.png Steal Finish a Command Board game from the menu in which either the "Captain Justice" or "Captain Dark" special events are activated[1] T V A
Vanitas D-Link KHBBS.png Available during the battle against Vanitas at the Dive to the Heart V
Mirage Arena (Terra) D-Link KHBBS.png Overdrive KHBBS.png Overdrive Auto-Block KHBBS.png Auto-Block Link with another player's Terra in the Mirage Arena[2] T V A
Mirage Arena (Ventus) D-Link KHBBS.png Haste KHBBS.png Haste Auto-Counter KHBBS.png Auto-Counter Link with another player's Ventus in the Mirage Arena[2] T V A
Mirage Arena (Aqua) D-Link KHBBS.png Magic Deflector KHBBS.png Magic Deflector Auto-Life KHBBS.png Auto-Life Link with another player's Aqua in the Mirage Arena[2] T V A

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Not available in the original Japanese version.
  2. ^ a b c Only available in the PSP versions of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.