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Storm Flag

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Storm Flag (ストームフラッグ Sutōmu Furaggu?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a flag and use wide, sweeping attacks.


Storm Flag transforms the Keyblade into a dark grey staff with a sharp point, with a tattered, red flag bearing a steering wheel emblem tied to it.


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In Kingdom Hearts III, Storm Flag is the second Formchange of the Wheel of Fate Keyblade, associated with Strike Form and following Highwind. The combo consists of Sora telekinetically waving the flag around himself and slashing with it, with the finishers consisting of a launching slash, followed by a series of attacks, and a spinning thrust forward that summons a horizontal whirlwind. Storm Flag uses Proximity-style Magic.

The Finish command has Sora plant the flag into the ground and spawn a watery portal. Aquatic copies of the Kraken's tentacles emerge from the portal and slam the ground around him.


Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Keyblade Transformation Attack (キーブレード変形演出中の攻撃
Kīburēdo Henkei Enshutsu-chū no Kōgeki
Attack Command Physical 0.2(x6)+1.0 0 1(x7) 0 O
Vertical Double Spin Downswing (縦2回転振り下ろし
Tate 2-kaiten Furioroshi
Attack Command Physical 1.0+1.0 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Advance Diagonal Quadrupal Swing (前進斜め4回振り
Zenshin Tsui-me 4-kai Furi
Attack Command Physical 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) O
Advance Right Spin Swing (前進右回転振り
Zenshin Migi Kaiten Furi
Attack Command Physical 1.0+1.0 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Storm Spinner Attack Command Physical 1.0+0.4+0.4+1.0 8+3+3+8 1(x4) 0.25+0.15+0.15+0.25 O
Launch enemies skyward and unleash a series of attacks. (Combo finisher)
Cyclone Attack Command Aero 0.3(x10) 2(x10) 1(x9)+5 0.1(x10) O
Whip up a violent storm. (Combo finisher)
Flag Forward Throw (フラッグ前方投げ
Furaggu Zenpō Nage
Attack Command Physical 1.0+1.0 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Rising Left Spin Swing (上昇左回転振り
Jōshō Hidari Kaiten Furi
Attack Command Physical 1.0+1.0 8+8 1+1 0.5+0.5 O
Finish (フィニッシュ
Attack Command Physical 0.3+0.5(x5)+2.0 0 1(x6)+5 0 O

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