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This article is about the ability from Kingdom Hearts II.
You may be looking for the ability from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Limits are special attacks introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. Available only when an active party member has the appropriate action ability equipped, Limits enable Sora and that party member to initiate devastating combo attacks at the cost of all Sora's MP. Limits can be performed from the command menu. Limits cannot be used while Sora is in a Drive Form.

Upon activating a Limit, the other character in the party besides Sora and the party member performing the Limit vanishes, and the two remaining unleash a powerful attack. For a short time after activating the Limit, the player and the other character performing the Limit are invincible, and a Limit Gauge appears in the upper-right; until the gauge is depleted, the characters involved can initiate a series of powerful attacks, which are either slotted over the Attack command or activated as Reaction Commands. This leads up to a powerful final attack, available once the previous attacks have been used enough times.

Limits are generally more effective against general enemies than bosses, as they tend to use area of effect damage and crowd control effects, which most bosses are resistant against. Limits also count as finishers, enabling them to defeat bosses. Some limits allow Sora to move freely, while most others restrict movement. Also, most Limits feature a "Stop" command in the fourth slot of the Command Menu, allowing the limit to end prematurely.

Jiminy's Journal records information detailing the attack flow and general pattern of each limit in addition to the highest amount of hits the player has achieved for each limit.

Auto Limit is a support ability that can be equipped on any party member, except Sora. This ability will make the equipped limits accessible by Reaction Command, though if the party member has more than one limit equipped, or there are more than one party members equipped with limits, the Reaction Command will be completely random.

List of Limits[edit]

Party members[edit]

Ability AP Attack flow Obtained
Fantasia (ファンタジア
3 Comet → Comet Rain Donald: Free the Cornerstone of Light
Flare Force (フレアフォース
Furea Fōsu
3 Duck Flare → Rocket Flare → Megaduck Flare Donald: Defeat the Grim Reaper at the Harbor
Tornado Fusion (トルネドフュージョン
Torunedo Fyūjon
3 Whirli-Goof → Whirli-Goofra → Whirli-Goofga Goofy: Defeat the Storm Rider
Teamwork (ユニゾンアスリート
Yunizon Asurīto
?, lit. "Unison Athlete")
3 Knocksmash → Duo Raid → Cosmo Boost Goofy: Defeat Barbossa
Howling Moon (ハウリングムーン
Hauringu Mūn
3 Twin Howl → Stalwart Fang / Outcry → Last Howl Beast: Default
Overdrive (オーバードライブ
3 Bushido → Shooting Star / Banishing Blade → Spiral Auron: Default
Dragonblaze (ドラゴンブレイズ
3 Red Rocket → Heat Lance / Flametongue → Red Meteor Mulan: Mulan loses her disguise
Trick Fantasy (トリックファスター
Torikku Fastā
?, lit. "Trick Faster")
3 Speedster → Quickplay → Trickster Aladdin: Default
Applause, Applause (アプローズプリーズ
Apurōzu Purīzu
?, lit. "Applause, Please")
3 Dance Call → Downbeat / Synchronization → Finale Jack Skellington: Default
Treasure Isle (トレジャーアイランド
Torejā Airando
?, lit. "Treasure Island")
3 Bluff → Jackknife / Slasher → Final Trap Jack Sparrow: Default
King's Pride (キングスプライド
Kingusu Puraido
3 Wildcat → High Fang / X-Claw → Proud Roar Simba: Default
Complete Compilement (フルコンパイル
Furu Conpairu
?, lit. "Full Compile")
3 Setup → Cluster Code / Burst Pulse → Reprogram Tron: Access the DTD
Eternal Session (エターナルセッション
Etānaru Sesshon
3 Session → Dark Cannon / Last Saber → Master Hearts / XIII Blades → All's End Riku: Default
Trinity Limit (トリニティリミット
Toriniti Rimitto
3 Trinity → Break / Ultima / Major Drive → Begin Combo[1]
Trinity → Break[2]
Sora: Defeat Pete at The Lock


Sora can also perform a unique limit with each of his Summons without needing to equip a certain action ability. Instead of MP, these cost part of the Summon Gauge to use.

Ability Attack flow Summon
Never Land (ネバーランド
Tiny Fairy / The Flying Boy → Journey's End[3] Peter Pan
?, lit. "FPS")
Balls / Firecrackers Chicken Little
Ohana! (オハナ!
Shoot / Ukulele → Blast Stitch
Sonic Rave (ソニックレイヴ
Sonikku Reivu
Sonic → Rave "Valor" Genie
Strike Raid (ストライクレイド
Sutoraiku Reido
Strike → Judgement "Wisdom" Genie
Final Arcana (ラストアルカナム
Rasuto Arukanamu
?, lit. "Last Arcanum")
Arcana → Bash "Master" Genie
Infinity (ラグナロク
?, lit. "Ragnarok")
Infinity → Impact "Final" Genie

Limit Form[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the new Limit Form features limits that mimic attacks from the original Kingdom Hearts. They are pre-equipped as action abilities and are automatically assigned to particular shortcut buttons. They can be used solo and each Limit costs a finite amount of MP, not the entire gauge. Despite being classed as Limits, they are not listed in Jiminy's Journal.

Ability MP Shortcut Description
Sonic Rave[KH II FM] (ソニックレイヴ
Sonikku Reivu
60 Circle A Limit Command that unleashes an attack on an enemy as you pass by. Press Triangle at the right tempo for a combo.
Last Arcanum[KH II FM] (ラストアルカナム
Rasuto Arukanamu
75 Triangle A Limit Command that unleashes a powerful combo attack. Press Triangle for a consecutive combo.
Strike Raid[KH II FM] (ストライクレイド
Sutoraiku Reido
65 Square A Limit Command that allows you to throw the Keyblade at the target. Press Triangle for a combo.
Infinity[KH II FM] (ラグナロク
?, lit. "Ragnarok")
80 X A Limit Command that can be unleashed by pressing Triangle after an aerial combo.



Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ If Donald and Goofy are in the active party.
  2. ^ If Sora is without Donald and/or Goofy.
  3. ^ Journey's End is not listed in Jiminy's Journal.